Video: 360 video tutorial: Ricoh Theta to Youtube | Video courtesy of babasuter YouTube Channel

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Subject: transfer 360 video of Ricoh t, sc to Youtube

Message: Hi Dan, first congratulations on your incredible work on this platform. Would you like to give me advice on how I can convert the 360 video of my camera Ricoh Theta SC to the Youtube platform? I've tried the Ricoh Theta APP but I have not been able to. Thanks for any help. Happy Hollydays !!

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Subject: transfer 360 video of Ricoh t, sc to Youtube

Message: Hi Dan,primero felicitaciones por su increible trabajo en esta plataforma.Le gustaria darme un consejo sobre como puedo convertir el video 360 de mi camara Ricoh Theta SC a la plataforma de Youtube?? he tratado con la APP de Ricoh Theta pero no he podido.Gracias por cualquier ayuda.Happy Hollydays!!

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Hola [redacted],

Thank you for your kind note about the WGAN Forum.

I feel your pain about publishing 360º video from your Ricoh Theta to YouTube. I had the same question when I got my Ricoh Theta S and YouTube started hosting 360º video.

One would think it would be as easy as "Publish to YouTube" button. Perhaps Ricoh has made it easy by now. Lacking that Publish to YouTube button ...

The YouTube video (above) explains step-by-step.

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