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Capture App Feature Request / Wishlist842

Nodal Ninja
Bill private msg quote post Address this user
I didn't find a dedicated thread and apologies if one already exists.
The Capture App does have room for improvement and since the eyes of the Matterport Product Development Team have eyes here I wanted to offer up some ideas on future builds and updates. Some of these features could be applied on the my.matterport side as well.

For us we have more than one camera and several users, so some of these requests are born from different people shooting with different cameras, ipads, and user accounts and sometimes mixing between them. Some of these requests might require user to link to wifi to download data prior to going out into the field. There are detailed reasons behind each request which I would be happy to expound upon if requested. One of the first rules in photography is do the shoot right the first time. The more information and control we have access to at the shoot the better the results will be. For Matterport, other than the 2D raw data, we are really shooting in the blind. We don't know if windows will be blown out, if we got ourself into the shot or reflections.

1) EXIF file of sorts on each model. This would be helpful if needing to do a reshoot at later date, for training,for future firmware updates offering more features. Info could include:
* Date/Time stamp.
* Exposure setting
* Shutter count
* Camera SN
* GPS coordinates
* Firmware Version

2) Ability to run app on Android, Notepads and other mobile devices as well as PC.
3) Live view or sample image view after each scan to view photographic exposure. This would be helpful in cases when a shoot gets interrupted to learn positioning of doors and blinds. This would also help to better determine blow out exposures on distant windows or if tripod legs are in a shot. Having ability to view image along with having added control over exposure settings would be valuable.
4) This is a long shot but have the added ability to tap on blue dot scan to bring up draft 360 image.
5) Having ability to create custom folders for models on iPad.
6) GPS plug in via USB on Camera. App can pull coordinates and show home location on Google Maps.
7) Ability to add and store multiple accounts.
8) Being able to operate iPad in Portrait orientation.
9) Undo for deleting scans.
10) Show Model File size.
11) Show date and "time" model was created.
12) Allow user to rotate and position model while shooting.
13) If future camera has built in inclinometer ability to display this info in App would be very handy with sound alarm if not level.
14) Being able to assign colors to scans (currently blue).
15) Areas not seen by scan to display in red rather than black which disappears into black background.
16) Ability to apply custom color background to a specific model.
17)Scale or ruler along side and bottom.
18) Being able to apply a grid overlay with on/off feature.
19) On front page of Capture App display below each model Name, Date and time, uploaded, modified, as well as user.
20) Display my.matterport stats in app to include: link to finished model if uploaded, total models shot, total models processed in billing month, if next model will incur processing fees, etc.
21) Allow user to attach 2 or more models together into new canvas/model. They would need added tools of rotation, move and scale. This would be handy for detached garages or worksheds.
22) Assign each new model a number by default (i.e. date/time stamp).
23) Ability to store raw models onto SD card or external storage device.
24) Have a separate page/s user can access inside app to make notes during or after a shoot.
25) Upload the notes alongside the model notes were assigned to.
26) Being able to cancel an upload while in progress.
27) Being able to view raw model in 3D Dollhouse view rather than just 2D.
28) Ability to trim lights, tall walls, ceilings and items not visible from the 2D plane before upload.
29) Have access to raw model on my.matterport to edit, trim, delete scans etc. which could then download and update same raw model back to ipad.
30) Undo or don't save button when marking features.
31) Being able to draw curves when marking windows and mirrors.
32) Display live histogram - or click to view on individual histogram on scans.
33) The camera will run longer than the iPad. Having ability to run app, even if limited, from camera should iPad die would be lifesaver in some situations.

Long list but maybe a thought or 2 might ring with others as well.
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mikeE private msg quote post Address this user
I think there is another thread for this but this is a great list and I will add in a couple of ideas that would help out my business model.

#34) another one I've been thinking about is when you are dragging the end of a trim line it would be nice to get a zoom of what is happening under my fat finger so i can place the end exactly where i want it the first time. Currently i have to move the end, pick up my finger, realize i was off, try again, pick up my finger, etc. It would be like placing a cursor in text on iOS. Genius Scan also has this feature.

#35) i would like to see timecodes for when every scan was taken. 1) if i ever shot over two days and wanted to try and match up exterior light based on time. 2) If I train a couple of guys to do this and I send them out to do scans that should take 2 hours and it takes them 5. i want to know when the scans were taken to understand what took them so long.

#36) If I am logged in as user A on my ipad and i complete a scan. I don't want that scan to be available to someone who logs out of userA and then logs back in to User B and uploads those scans. If I hire someone to subcontract some of this work I want to make sure I am the only one that owns a usable copy of the final scan.
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Nodal Ninja
Bill private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Mike - good adds - I particular like #36 which leads to next request...

37) Allow password protection with each user with maybe 3 or 4 digit pass code that only that user and admin can access.
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AttractiveListing private msg quote post Address this user
I would love to set a thumbnail of the dollhouse view and then a separate starting point inside the house....
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