My camera has been getting very finicky in the last few months. Constant alignment errors, low overlap errors, sensor error issues, and now it seems like the battery is dropping quicker than ever. Scanning even a tiny house takes a ton of time because scans have to be almost right on top of one-another. Even the floor plans I've gotten back from matterport are warped so somethings gotta be wrong.(I'll attach an example). We've had the camera for 3 years at least and so matterport is telling me the camera is no longer under warrantee. They said it's going to be anywhere from $400 - $800 to recalibrate. Has anyone experienced anything like this before and possibly have another solution? Ive already confirmed that I have the latest firmware and capture app. On the last house I did, I turned off the fast scan option on the last floor and it seemed to work better but the floor was small so my sample size on that test wasn't that extensive. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I will say, it's pretty nice Matterport lends you a camera while yours is being fixed. Downtime was making me nervous.