Video: WGAN-TV Matterport Cloud and Workshop for Newbies Short Story #203: Offering Matterport Features as Add Ons | Short Story from the nearly two-hour Matterport Cloud and Workshop for Newbies video

Making Money Idea of the Week #10: Offering Matterport Features as Add Ons

Hi All,

New Year's Resolution: Stop giving it away free!

Just because Matterport offers features for free (or charges), does not mean that you need to give it away free or charge the same amount that Matterport charges you.

As a Matterport Service Provider, what Matterport features could you offer as Add Ons (rather than in a bundle or your base price)?

For inspiration, here’s a Matterport Add On Checklist of Matterport provided services (and related) that you might want to offer as Add Ons rather than include in your base price or bundle:

Matterport Add On Check List

1. Hosting
2. 2D SnapShots (from Matterport 3D Tour)
3. 2D SnapShots enhanced (edited)
4. Two automatically generated Videos (Short Intro, Long Intro)
5. One automatically generated GIF file (Short Intro)
6. Highlights Reel
7. 2D Schematic Floor Plans
8. Publish to and
9. Publish to Google Street View
10. Basic MatterTags
11. Advanced MatterTags
12. Virtual Reality (VR) Sharing enabled
13. Social Sharing enabled
14. MatterPak (for Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals) - break out and offer separately
15. Color point cloud (.xyz) (from MatterPak)
16. Reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf) (from MatterPak)
17. High resolution floor plan image (.jpg and .pdf) (from MatterPak)
18. Object file (.obj) of the 3D mesh (.obj) (from MatterPak)
19. 360º photo for social media
20. Add Collaborator
21. 360º Views (outdoor 360ºs)
22. Outdoor scans
23. Statistics
24. Details (Description Page)
25. Transfer Space to client (after processing)
26. Upload to Client’s Matterport account (before processing)
27. Measurements
28. Embed Code
29. Scan on weekends and holidays
30. Scan overnight
31. 24 hour turnaround
32. 48 hour turnaround
33. Same day turnaround

Other than hosting, you don’t need to mention any of the above in your meeting or quote.

For example, assuming that the auto-generated videos come out okay, post them to YouTube and send the Client a link. $39 for one video or $49 for both videos. (Even if they don't buy, your client will now know that you offer this service as an Add On. Emphasis on how the Add On will help in their next pitch to win the listing. Do NOT email you a long list of Add Ons: three at most in any one email.

Which Matterport features that you could switch to Add On rather than include in your basic price or bundle?

For inspiration for other Add Ons to differentiate your business - and make more money - please see 3rd Party Services tab (above). Examples include:

1. Single Property Website
2. enhanced floor plans
3. digital virtual staging
4. Photo Editing
5. Video Editing
6. Digital Twilight

By the way, here's how I recommend that you routinely quote potential new clients (because it is not just about price):

Money Making Idea of the Week #8: 14 Tips on Quoting a Matterport 3D Tour

Happy holidays,


P.S. I encourage you to check-out the WGAN Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing. The Guide includes deep links to 100+ Matterport Service Provider websites. You'll see many Matterport Pros that pricing hosting separately, for example. Some charge $99 for floor plans. For a free, 30-day pass to the Guide, please Private Message me. In the subject line, please include: WGAN Guide to MSP Pricing