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3D Matterport objects from Matterport to Autocad8301

JavieB private msg quote post Address this user

I'd like to ask.

Is it possible with the Matterport to capture an object, per example a room table, and by exporting to Autocad the Matterport model obtain a 3D of the textured table in order to incorporate that table into a Library to use the table in new Autocad projects ?

Many tanks in advance
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Club Member
Portland, Oregon
HelloPado private msg quote post Address this user
Sort of. You could move the camera around the table and at varrying heights, to create a decent 3d mesh. Order the .obj from matterport and then import to autocad.
The textures won't look great and will need additional geometry once in autocad.
A couple of options...
-Sketchup had an immense warehouse of 3d objects that could be imported to autocad.
- Structure Sensor for apple products is a photogrametry hardware that attaches to an ipad/iphone. $300
-123D Click, is a phone app that uses photogrametry for simple objects. Also has a vast library of 3d objects.

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JavieB private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you very much for such an interesting contribution
I have reviewed your very interesting information.
My question is based on the request of a client who is a furniture designer. He wants to catalog his designs in real 3D, so that the decorators could use his 3D designs objects library in his decoration projects.

I want to apologize for my English. I hope it’s understandable.
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Montreal3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hello JavieB,

Your client should have a look at photogrammetry solution or handheld 3D scanner.

Matterport is definitly not suited for this.

One of the best photogrammetry software on the market, and most convient method for your client project : clickable text

An accessible yet powerful handheld 3D scanner : clickable text

Using the handheld 3D scanner, you would still need to get the texture from pictures and apply them on. It's not as easy as photogrammetry. Higher-end handheld scanner offer integrated cameras for texture generation.

Good luck with your project !
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JavieB private msg quote post Address this user


That’s exactly what my client is looking for. Many thanks for the information!

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mori private msg quote post Address this user
In short: no - the quality is too bad. A photogrammetry solution and/or a handheld 3D scanner works much better. Best look for a Fablab close to you which offers one.
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