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Question of the Day: How to use Matterport + QR Code to get more business?8238

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: Movilok Showcases - Matterport integration: Real estate 3D virtual visit | Video Courtesy of Movilok Showcases (ES) YouTube Channel

Hi All,

Here is the Question of the Day for Wednesday, 14 November 2018:

How might you use this Movilok (Madrid, Spain) integration of Matterport + QR Code to help you get more Matterport business?


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Bellevue, Washington
Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
What a nice use case that Movilok, Spain is demonstrating. I see pros and cons in this approach:

- You don't need to buy a touch screen, as you leverage your own phone to control the experience
- The display can stay safe behind a glass if this is a public installation
- Remote controlling the display doesn't require any previous download
- Likewise, QR codes are now read through the iPhone camera, no apps to download (is this true for Androids?)

- I suspect you need to be on the same wifi, but I'm not positive. I couldn't find more info about their technology to confirm that
- From the user standpoint, touching the screen is a more natural gesture than using a 'trackpad' on your phone
- It's becoming more affordable to retrofit an existing display with an infrared touch screen frame

Other considerations:
- The QR code could be used to launch the virtual tour on your device. In this way, you take the tour with you, vs. just controlling it remotely
- QR codes could be embedded in Mattertags and linked to ecommerce, wayfnding, social media (I personally wouldn't trust accessing social media from a touch kiosk)

Here is an old video we did to promote an interactive digital signage installation at a Microsoft building, which featured QR codes to trigger a VR experience.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

A representative of Movilok emailed me the following about their solution that uses the Matterport SDK. The example is for a trade show or exhibition.



Requirements to set up an Interactive Information Point

The product is an Interactive Digital Signage Product (called Movilok Showcases) and the video displays the integration done using Mattterport SDK.


✓ any digital display or proyector with HDMI input, such as: digital monitor, TV (no need smartTV, no need touch display) , proyector, Digital signage Totem,...


✓ Any computer running a browser, connected to internet and with video (HDMI) output
✓ For unattended use we recommend devices in kiosk mode, such as Chromeboxes (with ChromeOS)
✓ To provide the interaction with Matterport 3D spaces we recommend al least a device with an i3 processor such as:
Chromebox ASUS: in , Chromebox Acer in
✓ The setup of a ChromeOS device in kiosk mode with Movilok Interactive Showcases running is done in less than 5 minutes. We provide a "special credential" to the customer to automatically set up the device. (We use Google Management technology to setup chrome devices in kiosk mode)

The smartphone (of any user)

✓ No need to install any mobile app. We use the mobile browser as a remote controller.
✓ The connection of the mobile phone to the device/display is virtual. The user is only connected to an internet Cloud Service
✓ The link can be set up in different ways: scanning a QRcode, typing a numeric code (in shoks,net web), reading a NFC card or with a beacon.
✓ The smartphone can send commands (interaction gestures), make selections, download information (a PDF, a map,...) ...
✓ There is no other requirement to setup an Interactive Information Point.

We have also created a demo that replicates the user experience of this tool

Open the following address in the browser of a computer or tablet

This will replicate the screen where 3D tours are displayed at a trade show or exhibition.
In this case, only the Camino Gates Tour is loaded, so there are no entry or route decision screens, or other options.

If you acquire the QR with a mobile phone or with another tablet, or search with your browser the address indicated in the lower right corner of the screen and enter the PIN, a window with a shaded rectangular surface will appear in it.

By moving your finger on that surface you can control the 3D tour on the screen of the original computer or tablet.

This replicates the experience of the visitor of a trade show for instance, who connects with his mobile and controls the content in the display system.

If you have any question, please contact me
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Bellevue, Washington
Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
@dansmigrod thanks for the additional info. This sounds like a good use of the MP SDK. Well done by them. The demo link didn't work for me but I understand the process better now.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

A representative of Movilok emailed me some additional info about their solution ...



Hi Dan
We are starting to use it and we have offered it to real estate companies. We think that they can use it to attract people in trade shows as it will draw attention if somebody is in front of a big screen "playing" with the phone and moving along a 3D tour.

It can also be helpful to attract people in tourism trade shows if there are 3D tours (or videos or any content for that matter) of the places they want to promote.

Then, although it would be mainly in Europe where real estate agencies have offices open to the public, they can have screens in the window with content that people could navigate through when the office is closed or if they are somewhat reluctant to enter into it and of course, if they have a big screen inside, it would allow customers to "see" the properties at will, without needing the agent to be on top of them.

Yes, we license a credential.

New Demo for a real estate trade show.


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