WGAN licenses the free use of this - and many more - 3D Tours to WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members to use as examples for their website.


Money Making Idea of the Week #10: Why Licensing Matterport 3D Tours Makes (More) 'Cents'

Hi All,

If you license* – not sell – your Matterport 3D Tours, there are multiple ways that this can lead to making more money with the same Matterport 3D Tour.

Your rate card and invoice should include the word “license” instead of “buy”.... A license might run concurrent with a required - licensed separately - hosting plan (such as 6 months, until the property sells).

Here are 14 thought-starters on more money – with the same Matterport 3D Tour - now that your clients are licensing instead of buying:

1. Real Estate Agent requests an additional 6 months of hosting.
2. Real Estate Agent loses listing: license same 3D Tour to new Real Estate Agent
3. House goes on the market again: same or different listing real estate agent
4. Home Seller would like to “keep” the 3D Tour: license the same 3D Tour with hosting
5. Home Buyer would like a MatterPak (high-end home where an architect will be engaged)
6. Real Estate Buying Agent: agent licensing 3D Tour to give it to Client for 12 months
7. Home buyers licenses 3D Tour for 12 months (to show their out-of-town friends and family)
8. Event: I could imagine licensing 3D Tour to event space platforms
9. Hotel: I could imagine licensing 3D Tour to hotel platform
10. Vacation: license 3D Tour to vacation rental platform (such as the Club House)
11. Boat, Jet: offer to license the 3D Tour to WGAN for Basic, Standard and Premium Members (examples)
12. License to 3rd Party Service providers that need Matterport 3D Tour examples (see example above)
13. License to an aggregator (whom re-licenses) - Imagine all "our" tours offered to a platform
14. TBD opportunities that exist in the future

How else might you make (more) money with the same Matterport 3D Tour?



P.S. Seeking a licensing Form? WGAN Sample Forms Library

*I am not a lawyer. I do not give legal advice. This is how I would handle ...