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CUPIX versus Matterport: Color Adjustments and Editing in Lightroom8186

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN-TV Short Story #125-Adjusting Colors and Editing Panoramas with CUPIX (versus Matterport)

CUPIX versus Matterport: Color Adjustments and Editing in Lightroom

Hi All,

If you are a professional photographer, among your pain points with Matterport are the lack of custom color adjustments and editing each and/or all scans (panoramas).

CUPIX has solved these issues.

With CUPIX, you can make the following custom color adjustments on a per panorama or apply to all panoramas:

✓ Brightness
✓ Contrast
✓ Hue
✓ Saturation
✓ Gamma
✓ Vibrance

In addition, you can edit any panorama in the software of your choice - such as Lightroom - and then substitute the edited images. For example, remove the camera from a mirror.

The 4 minute WGAN-TV Short Story #125 (above) shows and tell this story. In contrast, Matterport does not let you adjust color or edit panoramas.

I could imagine the challenge for Matterport is a balancing act between one-size-fits-all simplicity or providing features that professional photographers have been requesting for more than four years in the We Get Around Network Forum.

Some backstory ...

Just this month – November 2018 – there is a WGAN Forum lengthy discussion on Matterport over-exposing issues. Some WGAN Forum Members were kind enough to document their challenge, send it to Matterport and publish the replies from Matterport Support such as the excerpts from this WGAN Forum discussion (followed by a reply from WGAN Forum Member and Professional Photographer @rzphotoman) ...

Matterport Support Writes to Matterport Service Provider @rzphotoman

Originally Posted by @rzphotoman
I understand your frustration, Ross, and I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to the product team. Matterport has always been a fully automated processing system, which has its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is the inability to manually photoshop every pano. That said, we do try to improve the image quality of the processing engine's output by looking at as many different scenarios and lighting conditions as possible. These are great examples of where we can improve the image quality, so I really appreciate you sharing them.

Matterport Support Writes to Matterport Service Provider @rzphotoman

Originally Posted by @rzphotoman
Thanks for reaching out with your feedback. I don't believe at this time there are any plans to change the processing engine to the way it was a year ago. That said, we did try to fix the overexposure in windows that was concerning some customers. Unfortunately, that fix did not work out as planned and we did end up reverting to the way things were about a month ago. If this is still considered overexposed to you, I really am sorry, but as mentioned, I don't believe they plan to go back any further at this point.

Matterport Service Provider @rzphotoman Writes to Matterport Support

Originally Posted by @rzphotoman
That is not what any MSP ever signed up for. I will post this answer on the WGAN forum and others are up to date on your final decision to this problem. Many MSPs have been waiting for a fix. I have a feeling they will not be happy with this response…but we’ll see, maybe I’m wrong and everyone loves loosing clients and re-scanning half their jobs now. Since Matterport already has a reputation of not supporting their MSPs, this will just strengthen that opinion.

Matterport Support Writes to Matterport Service Provider @June

Originally Posted by @June
Thanks for reaching out with your concern. Yes, the developers are aware of the overexposure issue and are working on it. My message may not have been clear. What happened was a fix to the overexposure in windows problem was released. That fix introduced a different bug. The team tried to fix that quickly and released that fix about a week after the first fix was released. This second fix, unfortunately, also did not have the desired results to they decided to roll both fixes back to the way things were, which meant we were back to having over exposed windows. What I don't see happening is rolling things back to the way things were a year ago.

The team is continually looking at ways to improve this and I have no doubt they will figure it out eventually. I just don't know when that will be. It's not as simple as reducing the brightness of the overall image. We want to keep the low lit areas brighter and easier to see while reducing the brightness in overexposed areas. Keep in mind that it's a computer trying to figure out what's actually overexposed and what should be bright because it's a white wall and they are, by definition, bright

I understand the frustration and concern users are having. Please know that we are working on a solution to resolve the problem, but these things do take time and a lot of testing. The same processing engine has to work well for every different type of lighting situation and environment, while providing tens of thousands of users with subjective options on what the right brightness level and color should be with adequate image quality. This is by no means an easy solution, but we will find it.

In the CUPIX versus Matterport Color Adjustment and Editing in Lightroom battle, the clear winner is CUPIX.

By the way, I could imagine that Matterport Developers, Product Managers and UX Team have told Matterport management for as long as our community has been requesting these Matterport features - four year - that they could do all the above, but Matterport management opted for one-size-fits-all which obviously does not - when it comes to professional photographers (whom could account for far greater processing, hosting and ancillary revenue for Matterport, with likely the least about of Matterport Support requests).

What are your thoughts on CUPIX versus Matterport Color Adjustment and Editing panoramas?



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Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user

I just filed this same complaint with Support, and got the same "Don't call us, we'll call you" response.

In my opinion, this is the problem when you create a system that is "idiot proof" in terms of the photography. In order to make it usable by a large demographic, they have made the photography so bad in so many situations, it's basically unusable. It would be nice if we at least had the option to "dial back" the brightness and reprocess.

I'm really considering switching to CUPIX using Theta (lower cost) or DSLR Pano (higher cost) for quality jobs, using Matterport only when called for. I'll keep the Matterport for contract jobs (Wedding Wire and others), but not focusing on it. Why should I? They're certainly not focusing on me.

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Can you post your email to Matterport Support - and their response - here?

I could imagine Matterport Camera Sales Team will be lobbying their management to fix this mess because discussions like this do not help sell Matterport Cameras (and may send professional photographers to CUPIX.

Seems like Matterport management must first decide if that want professional photographers - or not. Once they are clear on their strategy and target audience, they can then make product feature decisions within that context.



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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for your okay to publish the following:


@Chemistrydoc Writes to Matterport Support

I just reviewed a recently processed model, [redacted] in my account.

I am so incredibly disappointed with the results of this processing. Each room looks washed out, overexposed and the colors completely unsaturated. This is a premium property, and the results are so bad that I don't feel like I can even present it to my client.

If these are the results I can expect in the future, I will be taking my business elsewhere. This is just completely unacceptable.

If there is anything you can do to tweak it, please do so, but I suspect that there isn't.

In any event, please let me know.


Matterport Support Writes to @Chemistrydoc

Matterport-[redacted] (Matterport Support)
Nov 7, 9:59 AM PST

Hi [@Chemistrydoc],

Sorry for the frustration. [Matterport] Vision Engineering is working diligently to get a new vision code in the processing pipeline. When it arrives we can reprocess the space or you can reupload. No eta on when it will be released.

[Matterport 3D Tour name]
[Matterport 3D Tour]

Best Regards,
Matterport Support

@Chemistrydoc Writes Back to Matterport Support


Thanks for the reply. That doesn't help me with the current client, who is expecting this work as I type this.

When you say "no eta", does that mean days, months, ever??? I really can't work with the horrible photography, and it seems to be much worse lately. I had another recently that was very marginal - for the same reasons.

Please, if it's going to be months before you have a solution, let me know so that I can re-tool my business to one where I can be proud of the photography. This just plainly stinks.

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