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Client wanting VR, how do i make money out of this8158

Pgrim private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All

I scanned a university theater building over a year ago and it turned out really well.
You can see the scan here:
Could not convert link

The client used the scan on its website and its been hosted there since. They have contacted me this week because they are attending an exhibition and would like to display/ promote their theater in VR and would like to know if its possible.
I have downloaded the Matterport VR App and bought a $10 pair of goggles and i can view it in VR.
My question is:
What are the options for them? do i tell them to use a couple of Iphones and download the app?
My other question is, how do i make money out of this other than sell them my goggles for $20?

keen to hear any comments

Thank you
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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
I think you’ve missed the boat on being able to charge separate for VR. That said, I would base my pricing on non repetitive customers (realtors are normally repetitive) on two things.

What value does it have for them and ability to pay. So for what I call commercial work, my pricing would be different as The value for the business is for the life of the business. The value to an agent is just for the life of the listing agreement.

For commercial clients, my contract would be for a 5 year period with a break clause after two years for option 1 and for option two a break clause after 1 year. Adding this allows them not to be locked in with an option to get out. However, If they want out of the agreement, they have to pay what would be equal to 1 years worth of hosting. First option 1 $0 scan fee plus $299 per year to host. Or option 2, $699 scan fee plus $99 per year to host. If they choose option 1, after 5 years you’ve made $1500. If the chose option 2 after 5 years you’ve made $1200. You’d be surprised how many will choose option 1 as they only part with $299 Out of pocket and that’s good for the first year. That’s $400 less out of pocket for the first year as it would cost them $798.

As for the size, no limit (except that imposed by Matterport) as they’d get me for the day. An empty auditorium that’s 15,000 sq ft but with no one walking in and out may well take you less time than a business that’s 3000 sq ft but has customers walking in and out of the store causing you to delay scanning.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
I'd use the oculus go and view it that way. It's a much nicer experience
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for inspiring this WGAN Forum discussion:

Making Money Idea of the Week #9: Offer Matterport VR as an Add On


Thanks for your insight on VR pricing ...


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Pgrim private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for taking time to respond. I kept my pricing simple by charging a one off fee for the scan and then annual hosting fee. If they come back a year later with a request, then its a variation to the original quote.
So for the issue at hand with the VR request, i can see that i will be able to charge the client for editing/ curating the VR experience as Dan mentioned in the Question of the day:
Some of the VR scan points are not connected so there is editing involved, see attached image.

So to clarify, for my client to use the VR function, they need to download the Matterport VR App and hand out 2 or 3 iphones at the exhibition and use a pair of goggles (VR Viewers). Or if they used the Oculus Go, do you still need to use an ipone/ androind? or do you upload to the Oculus Go itself?

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