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Question of the Day: Should Matterport publish a list of known issues?8152

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Friday, 2 November 2018) is:

Should Matterport publish a list of known issues?


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BrokerBruce private msg quote post Address this user
Yes and provide suggested solutions.
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user

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Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Absolutely. First issue, the unacceptable over exposed lighting problem they've created. It's a nightmare.

They need to be flooded with complaints about this until they hear us.
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
@rzphotoman That is so true! I had to manually edit the 360's to get color back into the images. My client said they are unacceptable to them and washed out looking. They did not want to use the 3D model and I had to create a 360 tour with the edited photos. It was a nightmare to say the least as I pride myself with providing a quality product that shows the actual and color true images.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @June
My response:

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 7:30 PM Matterport-Amir (Matterport Support) <> wrote:
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Your request (131509) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Matterport-Amir (Matterport Support)
Nov 5, 4:30 PM PST


Thanks for reaching out with your concern. Yes, the developers are aware of the overexposure issue and are working on it. My message may not have been clear. What happened was a fix to the overexposure in windows problem was released. That fix introduced a different bug. The team tried to fix that quickly and released that fix about a week after the first fix was released. This second fix, unfortunately, also did not have the desired results to they decided to roll both fixes back to the way things were, which meant we were back to having over exposed windows. What I don't see happening is rolling things back to the way things were a year ago.

The team is continually looking at ways to improve this and I have no doubt they will figure it out eventually. I just don't know when that will be. It's not as simple as reducing the brightness of the overall image. We want to keep the low lit areas brighter and easier to see while reducing the brightness in overexposed areas. Keep in mind that it's a computer trying to figure out what's actually overexposed and what should be bright because it's a white wall and they are, by definition, bright

I understand the frustration and concern users are having. Please know that we are working on a solution to resolve the problem, but these things do take time and a lot of testing. The same processing engine has to work well for every different type of lighting situation and environment, while providing tens of thousands of users with subjective options on what the right brightness level and color should be with adequate image quality. This is by no means an easy solution, but we will find it.

Best regards,

Matterport Customer Support
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Another know issue ...

From the WGAN Forum discussion:

Matterport Big Camera Issues & Errors costing loss in revenue

Originally Posted by @Gerhard
Hi We Get Around Fam,

This post is not for newbies or people looking to buy a Matterport camera (s). So please don’t read on.

I did a scan for a client that would have taken 1 1/2 hour that turned into a 3 hour nightmare.
- Space is a normal 2 bedroom hotel apartment
- No Sunlight interference
- No Large mirrors or shiny stainless steel objects
- Not my first scan
- All markings done correctly

About 20 scans in the, scans stopped appearing in the room. The busy aligning prompt came up and the bing sound sounded , but no scan or errors. I made three after that and nothing. Then I saw zooming out that the app had place the scans in the lounge. This got very weird. Went back deleted those scans and slowly started redoing them moving 2 feet at a time. It happened a couple more times, and had to delete and do over. Grrrr

Got a lot of camera sensor error prompts. No camera never been dropped or thrown off a 50 storey building ( been tempted many times ) , its kept in its Pelican case , and flies in the cabin bin.

So lets get back to the story. Uploaded the tour, and waited ….. waited ….. waited ….. and yo get the point. Next day I contacted support and after playing a long back and forth tennis match of emails. I was instructed to download the data from the iPad and send it to them to manually stitch it. A couple of days later I got the email your tour is ready. What a load of rubbish, when you walk the walls bounce at you. I didi not even share with the client as it was to embarrassing. I had 4 more to do on the same day but could not because of this. And cant gain access to the site anymore.

I lost the job because you cant promise a 12 - 24 hour turnaround time then this happens. And no its not the first time that the Sensor error and some other weird error messages started appearing. This happened after all these new updates from Matterport.

Now fast forward to this morning. Get up super early get to the client to scan a special project that needs to be delivered still within 6 hours after my scan to their International Head Office in Europe ( yes I have had scans back within an hour ) .

Started scanning and again about 20 scans in , all the crap starts again. Managed to finish the model eventually and uploaded it. And waiting in suspense. Got the client breathing down my neck, and there is no way of reshooting as they have to submit the model with some other media we created and a proprietary player. As they are competing against for countries in the group for this new concept on Sunday. So fingers crossed.

Who else is experiencing more and more errors with Matterport. If this continues I have to seriously look at another product because I don’t sell Matterport I sell me and my company. And don’t need Matterport, or work for Matterport. So my clients deserves the best service, user experiences and products. But if this carries on, it is going to cost me a lot of big business. And seeing we “work” for Matterport but don’t even get a salary from them, not even to mention the old broken record that we don’t even own the content nor have zero privacy settings for our clients is very alarming to me.

Today I just realised how far behind Matterport is with their R&D , and loosing focus with court cases and not listening at all to us. Stop looking at your competition and focus on you. Get us a @#$%^&*ing tool that we can take the camera out of a mirror, you don’t realise how much business we are missing out on. And please don’t give me the following solutions, to not scan the whole bathroom and just go up to the door opening or drop the camera below the basin. That is just stupid. And the long list of things we have been asking now for the last 4 years….. 

Would love to hear form the fellow forum members.

Happy scanning x

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Came up again in this WGAN Forum discussion today: Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Issues with photo link

This was a known issue. Why not simply publish a dynamic, known issues list with date/time and status.

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YEP private msg quote post Address this user
Are the overexposed issues still unresolved?
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I absolutely love when companies will post a list of submitted issues (a 'TRAC' or other system). I love it too when the company shows that they have been resolved.

I do not see Matterport doing this at any time soon. Perhaps with the new CEO in place and the potential to move things around, they might hire more developers that can work on improving quality of service.

From what I have gathered, they implemented some new things in the pipeline to resolve several issues, that created several other issues, and then ended up rolling back.

I had one tour that was horrific. The exterior views were dark and just bad:

See my misery.

I corrected this using MPEmbed:


Much more acceptable!!


On a related note, Matterport does publish a server status report:
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @Metroplex360
I had one tour that was horrific. The exterior views were dark and just bad:

See my misery.

I corrected this using MPEmbed:


Much more acceptable!!


Thanks for sharing.

Hi All,

WGAN Standard and Premium Members get the free use of MPEmbed.

Happy New Year,

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