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What are the top things you should be using from WGAN8140

Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, FL
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
HI Everyone,

I used to be a regular poster a while back but family members health issues, my health, website-seo-social-media-coaching business grew unexpectedly, dog ate my homework and a bunch of other reasons had me sidetracked.

I am taking a peek here and wanting to post again.

Here is my advice from doing this 24 years. Use the things WGAN membership gives you. I don't get paid for that and although I have vendor status you don't see my stuff in your face so I say this from an unbiased and not compensated basis.

USE the free stuff you get from WGAN. Don't get overwhelmed by all the stuff. Pick the basics.

#1 is WP3D Models. This is a lifesaver in many ways. NEVER send deliverables using my.matterport link. If your clients put your wp3dmodel link using fullscreen-unbranded shortcode then when they put it in the MLS as virtual tour then YOU get all the SEO traffic and rank better for the areas the properties are in. Plus you give your clients a listing website using "skinned" shortcode that you can upsell or market that you do other providers don't. You can make an agent or broker website and put their scans below. There are a ton of things you can do with this that I could write a post about all that it does. If you use all of it wp3dmodels is worth over $1500 a year in SEO, social media and other marketing. Every single scan should be in wp3dmodels and done correctly and to the fullest. If you did that this one freebie alone is worth it.

#2 scan examples. You get to use matterports that Dan has [see Examples]. Pick a couple of great real estate ones but also use scans that you want to attract clients for. Make an SEO optimized page for each category and have an example with a sign up form below and promote it in your facebook stream or post in your google my business and in time you will pick up a few

#3 ipad videos. having on your site on pages that explain to agents why they need this technology at open houses is just one of many ways you can market yourself as a marketer not just a button pusher.

WGAN is not a matterport group. It is a 3d Virtual Reality Marketing group that gives you the inside track before your clients hear about it. WGAN has people ready to help when you have an issue or want to know how to market better.

From someone that sells internet marketing success (I'm expensive and no longer make deals) I see so many of you out there bitching about the market or competitors pricing or wanting matterport to feed you. Then I go look and see you don't implement the benefits you get from WGAN and key things that you seem blind to. Business is out there and WGAN brings you new marketing channels [Example 1, Example 2] and techniques to dominate your market every month.

Go through all the free things you get here and start implementing them. For those of you that think you are all that and have it all dialed in PM me and I will do a free private analysis when I can. For WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium members I will review your internet sphere for free. This is for the month of November [2018] because I'm on doctors order to not work as much and rest and this type of thing is not work.

What things do you think is important to implement from your WGAN membership? I have to go but will add more as there are so many.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video A: I am a Matterport Pro

Video C: I Provide Multiple Services

Thanks @GlennTremain

I added some links (above) for those that may not be familiar with each item.

I would add:

- WGAN Standard Members get the free use of up to 9 of these 40+ marketing videos; customized with their contact info and logo.

- WGAN-TV: Matterport 101 Training for Newbies


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