Entrepreneurs within the WGAN Forum

Hi All,

Most of the WGAN Forum Community are photography tech pioneers that are self-employed.

You are first with the latest photography tech with an entrepreneurial spirit.

You are likely among the first to buy a Matterport Pro 3D Camera and are likely either a Matterport Service Provider or a real estate agent using Matterport 3D Tours for your listings (and a side-hustle as a Matterport Service Provider).

Some Matterport Service Providers have figured out pain points to offer as a 3rd Party Service Provider to other Matterport Service Providers.

These MSPs turned 3rd Party Service Providers - in service to the WGAN Community – include:

✓ Alex Gustafson and Kristyn Roth (WGAN Instant Booking Service Powered by KoaWare, bldr) @KoaWare
✓ Alex Leach ("iPad Videos" of Matterport) @alx3D (no longer offers iPad video of Matterport Spaces) @alx3D
✓ Amreet Gill (3DVUE) @3DVUE
✓ Angelo Okuma (Nadir Logo Patch to cover tripod, MP2EDIT) @TresDePro
✓ Bill Bailey (NodalNinja) @Bill
✓ Chris Hickman (MP2SV, MPembed, and countless more) @Metroplex360
✓ Colin Forte (PhotoAndVideoEdits.com) @Hometakes @PhotoAndVideoEdits
✓ Conor Brady (Animamos) @Animamos
✓ Chris Fraser (MediaBumpers Interactive, Matterport Sign Riders) @ArtisticConcepts
✓ Dan Smigrod (We Get Around Network, WGAN Find a Pro, WGAN-TV) @DanSmigrod
✓ Danny Basting (InventiveCG) @DannyBasting
✓ Emily Olman (Hopscotch Interactive) @Hopscotch
✓ Gary Snyder (MP2VR - Matterport VR before Matterport offered VR) @GarySnyder
✓ Glenn Tremain (Nail Soup Media) @GlennTremain
✓ Gus Hanashiro (Inspirational Views) @pirusan
✓ Jason Smolarek (Vacation.Vision) @VacationVision
✓ John Javier (Photo Sparc) @JonJ
✓ Petra Soderling (Blue-Sketch) @PetraSoderling (No Matterport Camera, but built biz around MSPs)
✓ Robert Koenekamp (DaiWoKan China) @AerialLook
✓ Ross Peterson (WP3D Models WordPress Plugin, ThreeSixty Tours) @rpetersn
✓ Sherry Rennick (Matterport Flyer-of-the-Month Club, Matterport Flyers Customized) @srennick
✓ Terry Taylor (GLARI - “Handwritten” Whiteboard Animated Videos) @GLARI
✓ Tim at TickyView ("iPad Videos" of Matterport) (no longer offers iPad video of Matterport Spaces) @Tim

I just wanted to recognize these entrepreneurs among the WGAN Forum Community. And, I am proud to be among this special group of WGAN Members in service to the Community.

I could imagine that many of the next generation 3rd Party Services for the WGAN Community will leverage the Matterport MatterPak.

I could also imagine that there will be tools and services that (nearly) all of us have not even imagined.

As the WGAN Community growths, more MSPs will conceive and develop yet more tools and services that will be helpful to us all.

Are you the next Matterport Service Provider to recognize a pain point for the Community? Got a 3rd Party Service - or tool - to offer WGAN Forum Members? Please Private Message me.