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Adding Matterport URL of 3D tour in signature Email gets in as spam.8132

Bryan private msg quote post Address this user

one of my clients who is very happy with the 3D tour found out a lot of his emails to his clients got in the spam box the last couple of days. He recently had added the Matterport URL of a 3D tour to his automatic signature at the end of his email.

Turned out that the Matterport URL is on some sort of blacklist and a lot of emails to his clients were automatically put in the spam inbox.

Anyone has had this problem before and know's why Matterport is on a blacklist? I have made an mpembed URL, hopefully, this will work out better..


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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
We discovered this issue a few months ago. The Matterport.com domain was listed as "Likely Spam" on several of the RBLs. They were being listed pretty regularly with Cloudmark, SpamCop, and Barracuda, which are the three largest RBLs. As of right now, they are not listed, but whenever they are, your emails containing the domain Matterport.com will likely get flagged as possible spam.

I suspect it may have been caused by overzealous realtors who are blasting models out to large databases. I know we actually whitelisted the domain on our mail servers just so I could receive notifications and newsletters.
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