Happy Friday.

I've checked the forum/FB and can’t seem to find any tags or threads along this line hence this post.

Given the limitations of the analytics provided by MP, I'm trying to figure out a good way to track when someone clicks on a mattertag. Using mpembed (thanks Chris 🙂 ) you can track interaction within the showcase, very cool, but unless I'm missing something there’s no way to track when someone clicks on a mattertag and views content.

Tried solutions
Rebrand.ly or bit.ly (rebrandly is better given you can edit the url for free unlike bit.ly)

1. Custom domain or generic short url linked to a embed.ly provider = doesn’t track interaction in rebrandly dashboard as it's a pass through url not a click, works though for MP workshop - so good way to organize embed.ly links saves not having to open workshop to edit, a plus. But no google analytics.

2. Short url to a WP page with UTMs in query string, redirecting to other content = doesn’t pick up in MP workshop media tag due to their mechanism in place only allowing embed.ly specific content - and no I don’t want to become a embed.ly provider

3. what did work was a short url to a WP page with URL UTMs, then a genial.ly page containing said WP page short url in an iframe (thanks Chris again 🙂 ) - this now allows you can track real time/historic interactions of mattertag content and obviously have campaign/content, medium etc tracking etc.

It just seems so many steps and maintaining such is going to get unruly in my opinion. From an analytical perspective you can truly provide clients with pretty accurate set of analytics on showcase view times (mpembed) and how many viewed mattertag content etc through campaigns in GA, and you can manage the urls in rebrand.ly without having to go into MP workshop when the content changes (seasonal menus, promos etc)

Hope some of that makes sense to some, as there are smarter folks on here than me, if they have a more efficient method of doing this that would be great to hear.