Money Making Idea of the Week #8: 10 Tips on Quoting a Matterport 3D Tour

Hi All,

Do you respond to requests to quote on a Matterport 3D tour, but are losing business to the lowest price competitor in the market?

Here are 14 tips when responding to a request for a quote to shooting a Matterport 3D Tour (rather than replying “X per SQ FT Sent from iPhone”):

1. [company] has created [quality]+ Matterport 3D Tours: [establish experience]
2. [company] Matterport 3D Tour service since [date]: [establish experience]
3. [company] offers these services -

✓ Matterport 3D Tours (Add On: 2D Floor Plans)
✓ Photos
✓ Video
✓ Aerial
✓ [Other]

4. At no additional charge, [company] includes: (list all that you include):

✓ X months hosting
✓ Matterport 3D Tour published to and (to automatically pair with your listing)
✓ Branded Single Property Website for you, your client and prospects; unbranded for MLS
✓ Teaser video
✓ Highlights Reel
✓ Matterport 3D Tour nicely trimmed
✓ Up to 10 MatterTags (tags within the 3D Tour)

5. [company] clients include:

[relevant example 1]
[relevant example 2]
[relevant example 3]

6. Testimonials: [Link to to [video shout-out] or [Yelp Reviews]

7. [company] has $X liability insurance: (not all Pros have insurance)

8. Terms: [Do you accept credit cards?] [Pay once you have received all digital assets?]

9. Change ‘sent from iPhone’ to a full signature block

10. When quoting - especially for an agent that ALREADY HAS THE LISTING - include selling points about helping the agent:

get most listing appointments
win more listing presentations
win bigger premium listings

(While the agent may be requesting a quote for a listing that they just got, it's likely that you will have more successful if you can frame the quote about getting more business. Otherwise, Matterport is just another expense that comes out of the agent's pocket.

11. We can also help your colleagues anywhere across the United State via our Global Network of Matterport Service Providers [establish that are you are part of something bigger than just yourself]

12. GIF file to show how an agent can add a Matterport 3D Tour to the agent’s email

13. Professional looking email: easy-to-read font; large text. Use bold, italic, links to help make the quote easier to read.

14. [What else differentiates you from the competition?]

Other tips for things to include in a reply to a request for a price for shooting a Matterport 3D tour?

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P.S. While you can always copy and paste the “boiler plate” in your question, I recommend a keystroke saver - TextExpander - that let’s you type all of the above - or other text you often reply with – with a few keystrokes.