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Metareal- Dollhouse View Floor Plan View Virtual Tours8073

Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
clickable text

The process is definitely more laborious, but the resulting virtual tour is truly 3D and is more precise than automatically generated photogrammetry models. You also have features such as a floorplan, dollhouse view, and flying transitions between hotspots, a la Matterport. Here is a sample virtual tour. You can see the floor plan by clicking on the menu on the bottom.

For photographers who don’t have time to build the 3D model, Metareal offers the option to create the 3D model for you. (You can contact them for a quote.)

According to co-founder Gareth Morgan, Metareal will soon release an update to enable tours to become 6DOF full VR virtual tours where users with a desktop VR headset will be able to walk around the virtual tour in VR. Here is a prototype of their “full VR” virtual tour.

Metareal is currently free in the beta phase. In the future, there will be several tiers, including a free tier and a pro tier, although they’re still deciding on the pricing based on how many times the tour is viewed. According to Gareth, tours made during the free beta period will get their view limit reset when the beta period ends. By tying the cost to the number of views, the user only pays when people are actually looking at the tours, thus aligning their interests with the users. “Hopefully you’re making some revenue, so our income is tied to our customers being successful,” he said.

Check out the Metareal samples and let me know what you think. clickable text

Sample : clickable text
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
I smell a lawsuit coming, a la “Matterport vs GeoCV” as this may infringe on Matterpors patent for 3D photo stitching technology.
Very similar to geo cv, experience is very similar to MP, specially the transition from stand point to standpoint.

Very cool though, awesome to see other companies forcing innovation.
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