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Model Critique and Advice8042

WallsCouldTalk private msg quote post Address this user
Good Morning All!

This is our first project. As expected, there were a few things we hadn't anticipated, but overall, it went well. There are some things on the back end that we are trying to work through.
We want to improve this model or at least avoid making the same mistake again. The concerns are as follows:

1. I cannot access the front porch area even though I successfully captured a few scans out there despite the bright sunlight. I just want to get to the scan directly outside the front door. I have re-trimmed using the "trim sandwich" technique but it was unsuccessful.(the URL is the original without the trimmed doorway)

2. There is a misalignment at the back corner of the 2nd floor balcony, just outside where the piano sits. There is also a blue color-cast on the railing near the misalignment. Not sure if they are related or how to avoid it in the future.

3. The property is large and the house is not centered on the property, so I'm struggling to get the 360's spacial accurate. Is there a way to widen the dark field around the model to allow for better spacial representation? Also, is it possible to set the 360's in a way that allows them to be seen from the walk-through mode? They only seem to be visible from the dollhouse, and because I cannot move the position out far enough, they cant be seen within line of site from each other when viewing the 360's.

Thanks in advance for any insight. Hope to know enough in the future to contribute.

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ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
I also had some issues on a large home ie 10,000 sqft with floor alignment and some rendering issues.
Worked directly with MP and they were able to do some behind the scenes magic to repair... great service

Final model worked out well and even was able to order the floor 2Ds and they were very accurate. Note that the tweaked model no longer used the original scans I took so could not be uploaded again if changes needed.

i also did some 360s with one of my MP models, had similar challenges re positioning in doll house. Ended up putting 360 on the window or door in the interior nearest to the 360

hope this helped
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AYODELE private msg quote post Address this user
It looks pretty clean to me. Good job done. What camera did you use on this one?.
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Nadir Patch
and MP2Edit
tresdepro private msg quote post Address this user

I'm on way out but I can leave a few comments.
I think you need to place the 360's at floor level, in order for the 360's to be visible in walkthrough take a 360 snapshot of the ones you need.


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WallsCouldTalk private msg quote post Address this user
@ericlien I sent them an email this morning after I found that the Trim Sandwich didn't work. The support team apparently doesn't reconvene until 9am Pacific Time, so I'm here trying to be productive while I await their response. I hope it can be better polished in post, just trying to learn enough to be proactive in scanning as opposed to reactive in post Definitely don't want to rely on someone else to solve it behind the scenes if I can prevent it. Thanks for the 360 tip, that may end up being the fix if MP can't resolve it from the back end.

@AYODELE Thanks! this one had a ton of challenges with all the glass and mirrors.Almost 250 scans. Trial by fire! This was a Pro 2.

@tresdepro Thank You! All the 360's were exteriors at ground level. I hadn't done a highlight reel yet hoping to be able to access the front porch. I will give that a try!


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