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It's on: Matterport Sues GeoCV8019

Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
Wow this is amazing clickable textwonedr what it is going to cost ?
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DannyBasting private msg quote post Address this user
@Tette99 , that is pointless due to the language barrier

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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
I don't think Matterport has too much to worry about with the camera coming to the US market and trying to steal the US customers away from them. The price of the camera is $3440 and the cost to make a model is $14 each. Quoting from their website "Zhongqu Technology currently has two charging options. One is that the user buys a camera for shooting at a price of 23,800 yuan, and then only needs to pay a 100 yuan fee when generating the model."

If they were selling the camera at $1000 and $5 per model, then I would be seriously worried if I were Matterport.
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Related WGAN Forum Discussion:

Lawsuit: Matterport, Inc. versus GeoCV, Inc. - All Legal Documents


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PointCloudVR private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by AntonYakubenko
Dear community,

I've been always transparent and responsive on this forum. I would be happy to tell you what's happening behind the scenes with this Matterport complaint but I’m concerned that what I say to you could be misinterpreted and used against us. So I'd like to just assure you that GeoCV is confident in its position as we have spent years and millions dollars of R&D for developing our proprietary solution. GeoCV has its own intellectual property, and GeoCV respects others’ intellectual property. GeoCV will vigorously defend itself against any of Matterport’s claims.
I, for one, am rooting for you!
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

The case was assigned to a judge on 17 October 0218.

No additional info, as of today, Friday, 26 October 2018.


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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@hometakes - I believe that is currently in control of the sales / fulfillment because of their inability to scale up and mass produce their equipment. It's a closed beta, if you will.

@Tette99 / @Gerhard - 3DNest is a Matterport Pro-1 Camera with a different casing. The tour platform is a hacked copy of Showcase v2 where they've injected code to add a few features and change the design. Their player includes the text to speech features from MatterPlus, which I wrote a few years ago. It's the same version of Showcase that I hacked.

Since 3DNest is in China, it's one of those 'chinese knockoffs' that Matterport really can't do too much about (to my knowledge). In addition, their processing fees are very high. I would not be surprised if they actually process the models through Matterport's servers then extract them and put them on their own platform. Or - someone working with Matterport stole some code . In addition, their iOS Store apps are a bit sketchy. Feel free to download them and check them out. Their version of 'Showcase' creates an icon on your iPad called 'Funny Space'. (

I really doubt this - but if would be funny if 3D Nest -was- Matterport They were just allowing their tech to be used masquerading as a Chinese company in order to get past Chinese regulations. They would be thus profiting from the processing of spaces in a rather funny way.


@Gerhard - How is GeoCV is superior to Matterport?

The capture method is slower and the resolution is lower.

It's about 2 years behind on Matterport's time line.

Awesome differentiating features seem to be manually created -

#1) Editing panos (remove camera from mirror)
#2) Drone 3D Model layer (manually aligned with space)
#3) Floorplan mode with vector overlay from schematic floorplan (manually aligned too)

Beyond that, what is superior?


This being said, Anton has demonstrated how FAST and VERSATILE his team is at feature development.

GeoCV is a smaller company with less resources, less red tape, less investor capital and more agility than Matterport -- therefore, the 2 year gap that I mentioned is relative to where Matterport was 2 years ago.

Matterport has poured in millions of dollars into multiple industries in advertising and promoting the adoption of 3D Tours. I believe that when people see a GeoCV tour, their openness to the platform may be helped by having already been familiar with Matterport.

Matterport secured investment capital in part because they were first to market with a new concept. In doing this, they secured patents in order to protect the investment and to better allow them to boldly invest big in creating a new way to present panoramic and 3D content that blurs both in such a way that many people thing they are interacting with a video.

To my knowledge, GeoCV do not have any trademarks of patents.


GeoCV are playing with fire and we'll see what happens. Anton & Alex are really great people and I believe that in their hearts, it's not about 'beating Matterport' -- it's pursuing a dream that they have had in a completely separate timeline from the dream of Matt Bell and Dave Gausebeck.

I'm not a lawyer, but to be honest with you, I would be happy very happy if GeoCV are granted the ability to continue to operate and offer their product with a license that is provided/allowed by Matterport. Such a result would be helpful to both companies as it would mitigate against any future copy cats from rapidly developing a clone.

It would let Matterport be Coke, GeoCV to be Pepsi, and perhaps Cupix can be Dr. Pepper.
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hometakes private msg quote post Address this user
Well said Chris!
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Hopscotch private msg quote post Address this user
I like the outcome you’re suggesting and agree with the take on the GeoCV team’s authentic desire to create a stellar product. I hope that there’s a viable path to co-existing. Agree, very well said!
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Now that Matterport has a new CEO, look for a settlement before the end of 2018.

Matterport's new CEO needs to stay focused on exponential growth and have his executive team laser-sharp focused on the future.

Originally Posted by @DanSmigrod
I could imagine that this lawsuit will settle before trial. GeoCV will pay some small - undisclosed - licensing amount. And, Matterport will be able to say it has defended its patents and put others on notice.

Happy New Year,

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