Screen Grab. Matterport Cloud setting for turning on/off Matterport VR Links as Default Setting

Hi All,

If you have default setting on for Matterport VR Links – enables someone to view your Matterport 3D Tour in VR - I encourage you to use the Matterport feature to edit the VR links.

While Matterport automatically does the edit for you – a simple path walking through the space - I noticed on some of our 3D tours that I really do need to add some scan locations to the VR experience to make the VR walk around experience pleasant. For example, locations that I would like people to be able to view the space and in some cases, where the scans were NOT linked (you could not "walk" from here to there in VR.

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Screen Grab: Matterport Workshop showing VR link editing in Dollhouse View