Did you ever wish to create Revit models painlessly immediately after data capture?

With Indoor Reality IR-500 mobile capture system and Revit Plug in, you can now capture spaces and create Revit models faster than ever before by eliminating the tedious, old fashioned process of tracing point clouds. Simply upload your captured data to Indoor Reality cloud for automated processing, and then input the auto-generated data products into Indoor Reality Revit Plug in. The spatially co-registered 360 pictures with the floor plan allows you to quickly put windows and doors with the correct dimension and swing into your Revit model or make any other changes in a matter of minutes.

Above: Screenshot of Indoor Reality Revit Plug in integrated with the 3D viewer. Measurements on the 3D viewer can be translated to the Revit model and point cloud tracing is completely eliminated.

You can also export the assets you tagged either during mobile capture or in the web viewer painlessly. For more information contact

Above: Example of assets detected during acquisition superimposed on the Revit model.