WGAN-TV Short Story: Matterport Cloud and Workshop for Newbies #184-How to Edit the Name of the SnapShot in the Highlights Reel

Hi All,

When you create a Matterport Highlights Reel, would you like to name the SnapShots - Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, etc. - instead of using the default date and time?

In this WGAN-TV Short Story #184 (above) - less than 4 minutes - I demo:

✓ how to change the name of SnapShots
✓ how to download some or all SnapShots
✓ how to download different files sizes of Matterport SnapShots (depending on how they will be used)

The WGAN-TV Short Story is from this two-hour WGAN-TV Training Video:

WGAN-TV Matterport Cloud and Matterport Workshop for Newbies

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Screen Grab: Matterport SnapShows with default Day/Time and Examples of Name Changes