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Maximum scans for GSV7915

808virtually private msg quote post Address this user
I've been asked to quote a 250,000 sqft hospital to be published to GSV. Anyone have any experience with a project that size, and any thoughts they could share for the process? I know it would have to be several separate models, which raises the question of how many models can be published to a single location? TIA
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Matterport is not the right solution for 250,000 SQ FT (large) scans.

Buy a 360º 1-click camera with interval shooting and use CUPIX publishing to Google Street View.

You will be able to scan the space in less than a day!

Some 360º 1-click cameras to look at:

Video: How to scan 55,000 SQ FT an hour (Really!)
Versus: Theta V-Mi Sphere-Fusion-Insta360 One
LIFE in 360 with Ben Claremont: Top Ten 360 Cameras In Mid 2018!
Helmet Cam for Google Street View: Helmet + Adhesive Mount + Ricoh Theta V
Matterport Versus CUPIX Image Quality: Which 360º Camera for CUPIX?

Here are all 360º 1-click cameras to be considered ...

If you need a high-end 360º 1-click camera, look at the Insta360 Pro (the Pro 2 has been announced, but not yet shipping.)

Also, it's likely that you will want to moderate your Google Street View Tour. Consider:

MP2SV White-Glove Service
Panoskin Pro (moderate Google Street View Tours)



P.S. WGAN Standard and Premium Members Special Offer

6 Months Free Use of CUPIX Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to GSV)
Free use of Panoskin Pro
MP2SV - save 40 percent
free nadir logo patch (to replace the tripod)
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

By the way, if you only need publishing to Google Street View, you might look at:

NCTech iStar Pulsar

I do not know if NCTech is shipping the camera back pack and car mount: two "must have" items to make the camera a viable option.

The camera was first announced at the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo in May 2017 and then announced that it would be shipping shortly at the 2018 Google Street View Summit in San Francisco in June 2018.


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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
If the hospital has multiple floors, Matterport is an excellent solution.

The iStar Pulsar is not really intended for interior GSV.
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808virtually private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the feedback Dan & Chris. The hospital does have three floors. That was one of my concerns in my query to Matterport. Here is the Q&A I received;

1) Can multiple models be published to GSV with the same address?
Yes this can happen. Usually they won't be connected though.

2) Are there any concerns about publishing models with different floors?
You can publish models with multiple floors. If you publish each floor separately there isn't a way to tell google what floor of a building you are publishing to.

3) If the primary objective is GSV, does it matter how many scans there are for a single business?
You will still need able to create one model and be able to open it up to use workshop so you do still have size limitations for scanning with Matterport.

#1 surprised me a little. I was under the impression if there were GSV photospheres in the near vicinity they would connect. Apparently not?
#2 I've only published single level so I wasn't sure. Now I am curious how multiple levels are handled.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Respectfully, I disagree with @Metroplex360 that Matterport is a good solution for scanning 250,000 – even if it is multiple falls.

While you might succeed – with the help of MP2SV white glove Google Street View Publishing Service powered by @Metroplex360 – Matterport is simply the wrong tool/platform for a project this size.

1. Matterport website says the following:

Models larger than *200 scans are not supported and are prone to:

✓ iPad running out of memory when capturing
✓ long processing times
✓ potential processing errors
✓ possible failure to process
✓ long loading times and hardware slowdown when viewing

If you run into trouble, Matterport will likely site this we-told-you-son webpage.

2. With CUPIX, you can connect multiple floors before publishing to Google Street View

Video: How to edit sections with CUPIX (move, combine, connect) | Video Courtesy of CUPIX YouTube Channel

You might find these WGAN Forum discussions helpful:

Matterport Versus CUPIX: Publishing a 3D Tour to Google Street View

Two more huge challenges for Matterport to Google Street View Publishing:

1. Matterport does face blurring at the Matterport Capture app level while CUPIX does it in Workspace (The equivalent of Matterport Workshop). With Matterport, what happens when a face does not get blurred property or your kind asks for some blurring on non-faces? With CUPIX, you have total control over blurring. I write extensively about this here in the WGAN Forum:

Matterport Face Blurring (Beta) versus CUPIX Blurring: Which do you prefer?

2. You might ask Matterport – If I hide scans, will the hidden scans be published to Google Street View? – My understanding is yes. This will make the walk around experience a mess. (e.g. walking through walls). You would need to either engage MP2SV to fix this for you or use a Google Street View moderator tool such as Panoskin Pro to fix the "constellation" - the walk around experience.

I could imagine that you would need to scan for 15 very-long days with Matterport to complete this project, and that's being optimistic that you could scan 17,000 SQ FT a day. With CUPIX, it's likely that you could complete the project in 1 to 3 days at most.

Since labor is the single biggest cost to scanning, you can make this project affordable for the Client and receive a big payment using CUPIX. If you quote with Matterport, the $$$$$ may be so large that the client either decides not to go forward or seeks quotes from others.

Your additional thoughts or questions?


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN-TV How to Make Money in the AEC Space for Newbies with ToPa 3D Founder and CEO Paul Tice. (Includes extensive discussion about scanning hospitals.)


Two hospitals – one 75,000 SQ FT and one 160,000 SQ FT are discussed extensively in this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show yesterday (Thursday, 27 Sept. 2018).

My guest was Paul Tice, the Founder of Portland, OR-based MSP ToPa 3D.

Topics discussed:

✓ quoting on a hospital
✓ scanning techniques for a hospital
✓ likely liability insurance requirements
✓ some issues to watch out for

I had you in mind while I was asking Paul questions ...

It's likely to be a super-helpful discussion for you in light of your plans to quote on a hospital.



P.S. Backstory about this episode ...

WGAN-TV How to Make Money with Matterport Meets AEC Space for Newbies

P.P.S. You can also watch this episode using the Apple Podcast App. Search for WGAN-TV Podcast
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: How to combine sections in CUPIX | Video courtesy of CUBIX YouTube Channel

Hi All,

This video (above) shows how to combine sections in CUPIX.


For your hospital project, you could shoot each floor and them combine them into one model to then publish to Google Street View.


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808virtually private msg quote post Address this user
Great information Dan. Don't know how I missed the posts from last week, but I did. I will be researching further.

Thank you very much!
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