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Coming to CUPIX: Drone + 360º Video Camera + Videogrammetry Made Easy7901

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN-TV CUPIX Short Story #213-Take 360º Photo/Video Options

Hi All,

Wow! This is crazy (exciting).

In this WGAN-TV CUPIX Short Story #213 (above), CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson shows a short video clip about how CUPIX will enable drone + 360º Ricoh Theta V Camera + Videogrammetry made easy.

If you have a drone and can mount a 360º video camera to it, you can create 3D Tours with CUPIX today (simply upload the 360º video).

In this video clip, CUPIX announced that it is working on a CUPIX app that will enable the workflow to be easy, fast and simple.

The video shows 4 ways to capture 360º content:

1. tripod (and step out of the shot)
2. selfie pole (held close to your body)
3. helmet cam
4. drone + Ricoh Theta V (capturing 360º video)

While the quality of the 3D Tour will be better with interval shooting pair with Photogrammetry to create a 3D Tour, there a likely projects where 360º video shooting pair with Videogrammetry will be good enough in order to turnaround projects faster (and the 3D Tour quality is sufficient for its intended use).

CUPIX is disrupting the capture time to make weekly construction documentation practical and affordable.

I could imagine a day, when we simply show up on a job site with a 360º camera mounted to a drone and the drone - in autonomous mode - shoots all the video necessary to construct a 3D Tour.

Seems like that day is not too far off.

Of course I simplified this scenario. It's like saying since auto-pilot flies an aircraft 95 percent of the time, we don't need a trained pilot.

Your thoughts after watching the drone + Ricoh Theta V flying indoors?



P.S. The WGAN-TV Short Story (above) is from the WGAN-TV Live at 5 show: WGAN-TV - CUPIX for Newbies AND CUPIX Versus Matterport with CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson (21 November 2017)
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Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user

I've tried three of the four methods shown in the video. I really like the drone idea and will have to try that shortly. Any advice on how to mount the camera to the drone?

Here's one that I currently love: using a 24' painter's pole with the Theta atop. You get a much better perspective, even at modest heights (12-16 ft) than monopod or helmet mounts for walking tours.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Great question about how to mount the Ricoh Theta V to a drone. I elevated your question to its own discussion:

How to mount a Ricoh Theta V to a drone?

And, great tip ... I elevated it to its own discussion ...

Tip: 24 Foot Painter's Pole for "aerial" 360º Photos/Video


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