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30000 sqft lab coming up - glass markings7893

BenedicteDamm private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone,


Not a newbie, but looking for fresh input on an upcoming project.

I am approaching a large, 2 story, scan. A production facility. Lots of steel and glass, no sunlight.
Basement + Ground floor.

Ground floor has many smaller rooms/cells, with glass from waist height -> up to the ceiling.

Do You think the bottom-half walls be enough for me not to have to make glass markings? Always played it safe before, but now I wonder if I need all these markings.

Will the scan to more troublesome to use due to the steel/glass/many smaller rooms, compared to a "normal" facility with the same amount of scans/sqft but less problematic materials and surfaces?

Also, do you still experience problems with "falling through black holes" between floors? The massive complexity makes me think about NOT scanning on top of material (to create a better looking dollhouse, and avoid dropping through floors)

Much appreciate all thoughts and input from seasoned users
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Best practice: mark glass as you go. Given a ton of glass, likely mandatory to avoid scans showing up in the wrong place.

Small spaces are always harder to scan than big spaces.

I am confused on black holes. For example, a refrigerator would likely have a black hole because the camera can not see the top. To make a better dollhouse and avoid a black hole, you will extend the camera height to see the top of the refrigerator.

Once done, please let us know how / what you did and please include the scan.

Perhaps WGAN Forum Members will have additional thoughts and suggestions.


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BenedicteDamm private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

Yeah, I usually scan in as much as 3 levels (low, normal, high)depending on the gig, but in this case cutting down on the high scans, will cut about 50 scans from the model..

so, am considering cutting back on some of those, rather than compromise on other aspects. Just need to find out if falling through to the floor below, is still an issue.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Any time there is a "black hole" ... it means that you are missing scan data. When you are missing scan data, you can fall into the "black hole" and end up on the floor below.

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BenedicteDamm private msg quote post Address this user
So still an issue.
Thanks @DanSmigrod Will share model when finished.

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AYODELE private msg quote post Address this user

I can only imagine how complex this might be. All the best in the scan @BenedicteDamm .

Looking out for the result. Still contemplating getting a camera. Don’t know why it’s difficult to make the move to get one. 🤔
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BenedicteDamm private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for reaching out! Yeah, it really is incredibly complex, but I do specialize in these bad boys. Am more of a large-and-tricky model creator, rather than lots-of-small-ones. Longer time between my jobs, and they're harder to land, but it's what works for me.

I do understand that's a big desicion. I have been at i for about 3 years, and it's not as easy to sell as some may make it seem. Often you're up against larger companies with investors (I have chosen to bootstrap, with no investors), and that can make it difficult for a small business.

Keep on reading and following your gut feeling. Some day you just might be ready to make the jump!

Kind regards,
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