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Question of the Day: Will you place 360º Views in Matterport Workshop?7850

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Monday, 17 September 2018) is:

Will you place 360º Views in Matterport Workshop?

Public Beta: Place 360º Views in New Matterport Workshop


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Bernardhhi private msg quote post Address this user

Unless I’m missing something - I found You still need to place the 360 in the Capture App and you can only reposition, re-orientate or delete the 360 in the Worksop Beta. Also the anchor point the 360 returns to only want to connect to closet scan point - that may mean you “re-enter” the 3D tour
in the garage or worse still a bathroom.

Overall I like the addition of editing placement in Workshop - at least now I don’t have to re-upload if 360 incorrectly placed in Capture App.


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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I haven't tried the new Workshop placement system, but thought I would chime in on the past beta for placing external 360's in the model. The idea is great, but it's clunky and I've abandoned using it so far, for a different reason.

In the past you have had to elect to engage the "new version" of showcase in order to add 360's. My problem is that I vastly prefer the "walkthrough" mode of the old showcase over the new version. The movements between positions on the old showcase are smoother, more elegant, so I've had to avoid the new version, and therefore I can't add the 360's.

I truly (please, please, please!!) wish that Matterport would improve not only the movement in "walkthrough" mode, making it even smoother, tapering the starts and stops, and especially redesigning the build process. I could save hours of trial and error running of the showcase if MP would simply do this:

Make the showcase building process these steps:
1) frame a snapshot you like in a sequence of rooms. In each room, aim the camera for the best composition. Then indicate whether you want the pan to be left to right, or right to left. Program this so that the SINGLE snapshot you've composed becomes the CENTER of the pan. So if Left-to-Right, the pan begins a bit left of the snapshot, and ends and equal amount to the right.

It is terribly frustrating to have to guess where to frame a snapshot in order to presume where it will pan to, especially as you have no idea (until you run the showcase) which direction the AI decides the pan should be. This is idiotic. I know the logic about guessing the pan direction, that if the next position is to the left, the subsequent 360's pan direction will be left-to-right, but this doesn't always work. Trial and error with all the guessing takes 3 times as long as this should. And it could be improved so easily.

Improve the showcase flow design and incorporate the external 360's in the new, improved design, and I'd love to use them more.
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