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Making Money Idea of the WeekMarketing

Making Money Idea of the Week #4: One Order for Many Markets7837

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Imagine a Client that places an order with you for Matterport 3D Tours of [redacted] in many states.

Many WGAN Members do this now. I know because they reach out to me for help sourcing Matterport Pros when they do not see a public profile on the We Get Around Network Find a Matterport Pro Map.

These WGAN Members make the spread: the difference between what their client pays them and how much they pay the Pros.

Be strategic about finding clients like this. It takes as much effort to get a new client that has the potential to place an order for one Matterport 3D Tour as it does to get a new client that has the potential order for many Matterport 3D Tours in multiple markets.

And these clients will pay for the convenience of "one order for many markets" ...

You can practice this process when you get a one-off request for a Matterport Pro in another market. Instead of referring that lead, engage a Pro to shoot it.

Sourcing Matterport Service Providers via the We Get Around Network is easy. Quoting these projects is easy. The hardest thing to do is business development for one order many market clients.

If your prior life to Matterport was in a vertical with spaces such as retail, restaurants and hotels, leverage your understanding of your vertical expertise and your trusted relationships to scale your Matterport Service Provider business.

What's holding you back from being strategic about your business development to seek "One Order for Many Markets" Clients?


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Video: Luxe 3D Tours Photographer @BrianAshley

Hi All,

Trusted Clients - that have a need for many Matterport Pros in multiple markets - are golden.

Typically, these Clients would prefer to place one order for multiple markets.

Are you pursing this business development strategy?

You make the spread between what you charge your Client and what you pay other Matterport Service Providers and/or Google Trusted Photographers.

Luxe 3D Tours Photographer @BrianAshley has golden trusted Clients that have a need in multiple markets. Brian uses the We Get Around Network Find a Matterport Pro Map to source Pros. And, when we don't have a Pro with a public profile, Brian reaches out to me (see video).

Got a need for placing one order for multiple markets? Private Message @BrianAshley

Want to be on Brian's radar when he needs a Matterport Pro in your market? Get on the WGAN Find a Pro Map and receive 40+ additional Membership Benefits. Compare Plans |

Do you have Clients that trust, love and adore you? Do they have a need for multiple markets?

Let your Clients know that they can place one order with you for multiple markets (and source your Pros via the We Get Around Network.

Don't have a Client that has a need for Matterport Pros in multiple markets? Consider being strategic in your outreach for new business development. It takes the same amount of time to develop a new Client relationship that has a need for just your market as it does for many markets.

What questions do you have about growing your business with a one order for multiple markets business strategy?



Source: WGAN Forum: Luxe 3D Tours in Detroit: 1 Order for Multiple Markets
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