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Which 3D Tour Platform is Right for Me?7754

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I am having an email exchange with [redacted]. He wants to know which 3D Tour Platform is right for [redacted]?



Hi Dan,

I have been watching your interviews on WGAN-TV with third party partners “Panoskin” “WP3DModels” “threesixtytours”. They all seem to be platforms or plugins.

Q. Are they all essentially doing the same thing as the Cupix platform?




Hi [redacted]

CUPIX, Panoskin, WP3D Models WordPress Plugin and ThreeSixty Tours are each unique platforms. What are you trying to accomplish and I can make a recommendation?




Hi Dan,

In my journey through the 360 world I am trying to etch out a business plan that is realistic and profitable. I have gone through many hours of video on WGAN, Cupix, Ben Claremont, 360 Rumors, Justin Brown- Primal Video, WP3DModels, ThreeSixty Tours, Panoskin, Matterport, Rela, Photo and video edits, and various others. Just to get a handle on the industry and how to plan a business within it.

To answer your question: What are you trying to accomplish and I can make a recommendation?

What I am trying to accomplish now:

1. Start a new 360 business.
2. Shoot an evergreen product that the client will need for some time and will pay a residual monthly for it
3. Become known as an AEC site photography company.
4. Equipment: MADV Camera.
5. Best practices (will need help here) Cupix?
6. Develop an email marketing campaign with great copy and CTA for AEC professionals. (will need help here)
7. Selling “time machine shoots” for the entire projects progress. 1- X amount as agreed with client.
8. Use Cupix platform.
9. All Content/tours will be owned by my company. Content/Tours sit on my website using WP3Dmodels and ThreeSixty Tours, plugins. All tours will be licenced for sale. (I will need help here and knowledge)
10. Outsource, all other work needed by client, outside of the AEC shoot I accomplish for client. Example, GSV, floorplans, Virtual staging, etc. Outsource to WGAN-TV photographers that are trusted professionals.
11. For my credibility I will need a website, LinkedIn profile and some tours under my belt to show on my website. (I will need help here)
12. YouTube channel for AEC360 community. (help needed here)
13. Facebook business profile for the AEC360 Community. (help needed here)
14. Instagram?
15. Camera/shoot training.

I hope this gives you the info as to where I am in my journey that started in July 2018.




Hello [Redacted],

Thanks for the backstory.

1. What is your previous work experience (career)?
2. Do you have trusted relationships in the AEC space?
3. Tell me about your experience selling ….



Hi Dan,

My previous work experience:

· Tax assessment commercial/residential

· Appraisal buildings

· Consulting in golf practice construction

· Facility management public spaces

· Energy audits government

· Property inspections

· Mortgage financing banks

Trusted Relationships:

· Varied in AEC

· I will have to build on this list.

Selling Experience:

· I have always been selling as I worked for myself for most of my working life.

· Presentations to RE offices.




How would you reply? (and why?)


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hello [Redacted],


You really do your research. When I bought my Matterport Camera in July 2014, there were no other solutions (other than using my DSLR + fisheye lens).

Thank you for watching WGAN-TV about: (View on the WGAN-TV Podcast in the iTunes Podcast App)

✓ CUPIX (4 shows)
✓ Panoskin Pro (1 show)
✓ WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (3 shows)
✓ ThreeSixty Tours (3 shows)
✓ Rela (2 shows)
✓ (3 shows)

Based on your interest of AEC space with progress reporting (“time machine”) and recurring monthly revenue, and owning your digital assets, I recommend the following:

CUPIX - to process, host 3D Tours - and publish to Google Street View - created with the MADV Camera
WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin for sharing the CUPIX models, video, aerial, photos and floor plans
ThreeSixty Tours for smaller projects with a handful of 360ºs – for aerials in restricted airspace

Since you expressed interest getting help:

Email Marketing Campaigns - please let me know if you would like me to make an introduction to a Member of the Community that offers this service.

Licensing - rather than selling - access to digital assets, I recommend that you review sample licensing forms in the WGAN Sample Forms Library.

Virtual Staging – check out Blue-Sketch

Outsourcing - service providers outside of your market; happy to make introductions (free)

Website – since you want to use WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin, you’ll need Wordpress for your website (such as Ionblade Pro).

I can refer you to a Member of the Community that creates Websites for Members of the WGAN Community; including integrating WP3D Models, ThreeSixty Tours (and uses the digital assets available to WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members. The Member also provides help with SEO, social media (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook Business Profile, Instagram, etc.)

Since you plan to buy a MADV Camera, you’ll find that it is easy and faster to learn how to use the camera. There are some techniques for mashing up a 360º 1-Click Camera set on internal shooting for CUPIX. This video on CUPIX interval shooting might be helpful.

In September or October 2018, WGAN-TV Live at 5 will have the CUPIX team back on the show to demo and discuss techniques – and gear like this – for internal and video shooting with a 360º 1-click camera.

Your signal biggest challenge, based on your previous work experience and trusted relationships will be business development. Your backstory sees to lack working – and having trusted relationships with – architects, engineers and general contractors. Since you have always been self employed and selling for yourself, that should make up for the former.

Your experience in facilities management and property inspections will be a plus.

We Get Around Network can help you succeed faster with a WGAN Standard Membership ( 40+ WGAN Membership benefits include:

✓ FREE! First six months of CUPIX Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to Google Street View)
✓ Free use of WP3D Models WordPress Plugin
✓ Free use ThreeSixty Tours
✓ 10 Percent savings on Blue-Sketch virtual staging
✓ Save 50 percent on Satellite Panoramas service
✓ free use of RELA Photographer (white-label) for six months with a total of 6 free Single Property Websites
✓ Free Use of Panoskin Pro for Google Street View Moderation
Free Nadir Logo Patch (works great with CUPIX and Panoskin Pro and Google Street View)
✓ 50 FREE credits when you join + 35 FREE Credits each month for the following 11 months
And More!

[Redacted], still got questions?


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