Hi All,

What are your friction points that make it hard to do business with you?

Do you missing out on business because of any of these friction points?

1. How long does it take to respond to an email requesting pricing?
2. How long does it take to respond to a voicemail requesting pricing?
3. Does a potential client always get a real person or voicemail?
4. Is your pricing hard to understand?
5. Do you accept credit cards?
6. Are you available to shoot when the Client wants?
7. Do you have an answering service that tracks you down for requests for quotes?
8. Do you have pricing on your website? (Easy or hard to calculate?)
9. Do you have realtime, online ordering? (Not contact us)
10. Do you require payment at or before shoot? (Or, invoice after all deliverables?)
11. Do you charge a cancelation fee?
12. Do you offer all the services that a Client seeks? (One order)
13. Do you charge a mileage fee?
14. Are you too busy to be easy to schedule?
15. Do you have long terms and conditions?
16. Do Clients have to sign paperwork to do business with you?
17. How quickly do you turnaround projects?
18. How easy is it for the Client to receive deliverables?
19. How is the above affected by vacation days? Sick days? Weekends? Nights?
20. What other friction points may be holding you back from doing more business?