Screen Grab: Gear Tab Above

Hi All,

If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera, you'll need gear such as:

✓ tripod
✓ tripod head or quick release plate
✓ iPad holder
✓ camera bag or case
✓ portable battery (for your iPad)
✓ door stops
✓ disposable booties
✓ And more!

To make it super-easy, check-out the Gear tab above that will take you to my shopping lists for:

✓ Matterport Gear
✓ 360º 1-Click Cameras
✓ 360 1-Click Camera Accessories
✓ WGAN Forum Members Suggest
✓ WGAN-TV Studio
✓ MEVO Plus and Accessories
✓ Dan Smigrod DSLR 360º Spherical Panorama Kit
✓ VR Viewers
✓ We Get Around Network Swag

I have curated a list of gear in various categories (above) to make it easy and fast to browse and buy.

How much does it cost to start a Matterport Service Provider Business Calculator - on this page - may be helpful too.

Got gear to recommend? Please post a photo and link. I will add it to the WGAN Forum Members suggest kit.



P.S. We Get Around Network is an affiliate of Amazon and Nodal Ninja. This means WGAN may receive affiliate commission on your purchases. Think of it as the WGAN Tip Jar. Thanks!