21 Tips for Quoting Matterport 3D Tours

Hi All,

When quoting a Matterport 3D Tour, if you simply quote a number, you are missing your opportunity to show, tell and sell: particularly if your quote may get forwarded to others for review.

Assume that the prospect has reached out to others. Why choose you?

Here are 10 Tips for Quoting Matterport 3D Tours

1. Be super-fast to reply; even if to simply say when to expect your quote
2. Tell your story in a paragraph
3. Share your experience: X years shooting Matterport completing X Matterport 3D Tours
4. Share examples of Matterport 3D Tours: if you have related Matterport experience (hotel? retail?)
5. Include a signature block; including your email address
6. If you offer other services, list Add Ons
7. Got a Pro2 mention it. If not, don't say why you are shooting with a Pro1
8. Other expertise or credentials that sets you apart?
9. Recap the Scope of Work (or at least reference a Scope of Work document (or attach it)
10. Tone: the tone of your communications should reflect the tone of the prospect (light? Formal?)
11. Edit. What can you remove from your quote and still be efficient with the prospect’s time
12. Ask for the order. "Would you like to schedule this for this week or next week?"
13. If quoting by email, the prospect should not have to read all the emails to understand the quote: just the last email
14. Double-check spelling
15. Have a library of paragraphs to cut and paste from (get your quote out faster)
16. If sending an attachment: send it as a .pdf (not everyone has .docx or text formatting changes)
17. Follow-up. People are busy.
18. Communicate with prospects how they like to communicate. (Phone? Email? Text?)
19. Got great online reviews? Link to them.
20. Check LinkedIn to see whom you have in common. Can you leverage that?
21. Something extra that you offer? "We deliver our Matterport 3D Tours as a Single Property Website branded for sharing with Clients and un-branded for MLS."

Reminder: if you are only quoting a number, you are communicating that there is no difference between you and other Matterport Pros that may be quoting on the project. That's especially important if you want a premium for your services.

Other tips to add to this list?