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The We Get Around Network has a need for a 3rd Party Service Provider to Mashup Matterport OBJ and DroneDeploy.

A WGAN Member writes:


I was very impressed by the GeoCV inside/outside example you shared to us a few days ago. Got me to try out DroneDeploy on my latest shoot which worked well. I am EXTREMELY interested to find someone who can take Matterport models and DroneDeploy external models and combine them into a single functioning product to look like that GeoCV example.

I loved how you could click from outside to inside and the inside was registered in the proper geo position within the exterior view. Have to say that MP still looks better than the interior in the GeoCV example, IMHO, but this is exciting.

Just as Matterport to Google Street View involves a simple manual alignment, it would seem that someone more clever than I could create a system to align Matterport with DroneDeploy (would need adjustment for X, Y and Z also so the Matterport doesn't end up subterranean on a hillside, and then "assemble" these together in this click inside, click outside manner. I shoot some properties with considerable acreage in places like [redacted] and this would be killer!


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Mashup Matterport OBJ and DroneDeploy


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