WGAN-TV Short Story for CUPIX #66-Time-Lapse Video Example (86 second video clip)

Hi All,

If you need to create a 3D Tour of 25,000+ SQ FT – and do the same space multiple times weekly for construction progress report documentation, using any 360º camera with interval shooting – or Time-Lapse video – mashed up with CUPIX – is an amazing solution.

In the WGAN-TV Short Story #66 video (above), CUPIX Head of Product Strategy Paul Collart describes shooting the same 35,000 SQ FT space in 70 minutes (Internal Shooting) and 35 minutes with Time-Lapse Video (2 frames per second) (That's 55,000 SQ FT an hour!)

Interval Shooting – photos every x second – will result in better quality that Time-Lapse video, but half the rate of capture.
Time-Lapse Video – will result in much faster capture, but with some sacrifice in visual quality.

Paul used a Yi 360º 1-Click Camera for this demo.

What questions do you have after watching this video?

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