Who has done this with success?

I have five open space buildings, with only columns and walls, ranging from 11,500 - 28,000 sf.

My end product needs to be in Matterport Showcase format, or I'd just use the factory Leica App.
Unfortunately MP is not very forthright with divulging serious challenges of mixing MP Capture App with Leica Cameras. It may work with great geometry, but it is horrible with this environment.

I thought Leica BLK 360 would work on it's own, with Matterport Capture App, but it was not able to:
A) Stay connected and align scans
B) Complete a single scan in less than 5.5 minutes
C) Be moved more than 15'
D) Capture 3 scans in a row, w/o being rebooted and re-connected to wifi

So now, I need to look to April Tags for a better solution. Can anyone 'PLEASE' give me a synopsis of their experience with using them?
I have a week to get these done and clock's ticking 24/7.

All help is greatly appreciated