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Matterport Q&A with WGAN Member Tyler Irons of VRLY7586

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Matterport promoted this interview in the Matterport Newsletter Thursday (2 August 2018):

Q&A with Tyler Irons of @VRLY [in Lincoln Nebraska]

(As the article points out, WGAN Member, @VRLY, scanned 75 spaces in April 2018.)


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click360tours private msg quote post Address this user
So I am an avid student of this sector and only a dozen scans under my belt and trying to work out how I would emulate such standards as Tyler. I don't have a photography background and rely totally on the MP camera and workshop to handle my entire workflow.

I am finding this quite limited because the snapshot 2D photos in workshop just aren't generating the quality compared to peers like @VRLY.

I look at @VRLY service offering which is value packed and oh so cheap.


360 fully immersive walk through
Drone Video
36 HDR Photos
Unique website for each listing
Marketing video for your listing
Dollhouse & floorpan views
Easy sharing URL
Virtual reality ready
Desktop/Mobile/Ipad friendly
MLS complient tour
48-hr turnaround

Now a shoot this big takes at least 1.5HR for 3D scan alone, then DSLR Hero shots + drone + post production, + web page creation + pre and post admin/accounting etc etc.

For me that would be a days work easily to pull all that together and sadly I couldn't because I am not set up for it and the skills for all this take time to acquire.

Now for $249, I'm not so sure the ROI on my time and capital if this would be worth the energy. Even at scale like VRLY of 70 average scans... after wages and all running costs, this looks like a lot of effort for small margin and a lot of headaches keeping it all tight and running efficiently.

As a growing MP SP business owner, I'm really keen to understand what it takes to go next level and would enjoy learning about the complete breakdown to deliver these services reviewing the total process focussing on cost for the above service, total time to produce,entire workflow from job booking to fullfillment, gear, software. skills.

This may be asking a lot and of course all champions started out as beginners.

Look forward to learning from the best that have been where I want to go.
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