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Colored Lighting effecting scan7573

WalterE private msg quote post Address this user
Has anyone ever run into this issue with Matterport?

I was at a shoot for a local private school that has a wonderful media center. They had lighting that illuminated the ceiling in color and gave the room a lot of the magic, which I wanted to capture. I soon noticed that the lighting slowly changed colors. I also noticed none of my scans were aligning. My partner suggested we wait until the lights cycle back to the same color for each scan, which we did, and sure enough. They aligned. Needless to say it took FOREVER to complete the shoot, because we had to tack on 4-6 minutes for each scan waiting for the lights to change back. The lights were either on and cycling, or off and then the room looked BLAH. Has anyone else had similar issues? Is there a fix that we didn't think about? This is only the 3rd scan we have ever done, so I am TOTALLY open to comments, suggestions and of course PRAISE. Here is the link for you to see what I was talking about:

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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Good job and good solution to a tricky problem.
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JMB private msg quote post Address this user
Never ran into that but I think you did a good job figuring it out. Due to the technology it was the only thing to do.

From a business perspective I would explain to your customer what you had to do to capture the space. Say it took a little more time than you estimated because of the nature of the technology but you were able to complete it for them. Explain to them that would will need to charge a bit more for the additional time. Figure out the additional time and put a dollar amount to it. They will be blown away by the model and if they are decent they won't mind. Pull a few snapshots for their website or add a few mattertags. That is what I would do. We need to make a profit in order to stay in business.

Note: If it isn't a real estate sale and they are using it for a business website you will be expected to host the model for a number of years. I usually say the first year hosting is included with the price and that they will be billed annually for the cloud hosting. I charge a $150 for each additional year. I explain it is a cloud service we pay for to host their model. It's not too much for them to pay once a year and it covers a portion of what you pay for hosting.
Best of luck.
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

1. Publish to Google Street View
2. Download to Panoskin Pro
3. Retouch
4. Upload to Google Street View
5. Embed with Google Street View instead of Matterport

Need help with the above?

@Metroplex360 offers this boutique service via his MP2SV service. (Special pricing for you as a WGAN Standard Member. See Welcome Onboard Letter)


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WalterE private msg quote post Address this user
@JMB Actually, this tour was a practice run. My business partner's dad is the architect that built the school. I am looking to present this to the school and use it to sell them on a tour of the facility. It is a multi-unit private school with everything from a state of the art performing arts center to a full olympic size pool. The average tuition for k-12 is around $27k. They have a very shoddy video tour on their website, and while I did the shoot, I noticed at least 10 different groups of parents walking around doing campus tours. I know they have the budget, and we already have our foot in the door with the executive level of the school. I really wanted to impress them with this, so I could seal the deal. I know the shortcomings with Matterport and will most likely only use matterport for part of their package, and also utilize aeriel and 360° photog. This will be my first account. I go big, or go home(actually I never go home, I keep trying, lol)
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JMB private msg quote post Address this user
Very very cool. Nice to meet you.
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THRHHI private msg quote post Address this user
Most lighting systems that rotate through colors have a central controller. You could just have them lock it on one color. Just my thought.
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WalterE private msg quote post Address this user
@thrhhi Like I had said in my original post "The lights were either on and cycling, or off and then the room looked BLAH. " This particular system didn't have those options. They did inside the aquarium, but not the main hallway where the trees are. Thanks though, Captain Obvious.
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BrokerBruce private msg quote post Address this user
WOW! Great looking shoot! And good problem solving. Keep up the good work!
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