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Here We Go Again Pricing Thread7570

MarkCantu private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Don't ask me how, but on your latest email I clicked a Pricing Thread where you were bring up competitor pricing at .04 cents a square foot. I clicked on a search engine concerning Matterport in San Antonio. To my surprise, and this is why I tagged you, there is a company doing the San Antonio and Atlanta markets. OK, so they are doing 2999 sq ft for $199, or between .06 and .07 cents a sq ft.

OK, I get it, but what really gets me, and may be I am being sensitive here, there seems to be an implication that they differ from their competitors because their competitors do incomplete scans. They actually show a photo on their website. The photo may be fine if the viewer was comparing apples to apples, but when you look at the photo, they are using two different rooms.

OK, if there is a real skill in using the Matterport scanner, a person should be smart enough to get all the black areas out as best one can. As per skill, we aren't talking Architectural Photography here. I guess I am feeling, "I am sorry, but not sorry" on posting this subject. MSP shouldn't knowingly put down their competitors, it is difficult enough to try to make money with this scanner, I mean camera.

And Realtors? Don't get me started, I am a Broker, and even I won't pay my price! A stab at humor being used. OK, I feel better, I got my .02 cents worth today!
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Peterborough, U.K.
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Don’t get me started.

Yesterday I had a request to scan two buildings, each circa 40,000 sqft. A local MSP quoted 1 day work at £500.

All I can say to whoever did that is...

‘Cheap is sometimes very expensive’.

You will fail your client and rushing your job to get it done. But you don’t care because you have £500 in your pocket.

You have zero integrity for delivering an un-professional finish and think one-man banding is scalable because you think this tech is plug’n’play.

Grow up and respect the millions that has been invested to get this far because you are a pennie sweet in sweet shop.

Clients have choices.
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
This is issue has been tough for some of us to overcome when it comes to pricing. In your case, people leap around offering minimal spots in the house with no regard for the Dollhouse. My scans allow people to walk around furniture vs spin around in the walk way and leap to the next room.

Does the agent see the difference? rarely when shopping. After a few uses of the system, we may gain some respect or interrogation on what will we promise. I'm sure Pro2 camera owners are having fun trying to show they have better quality than Pro1 users knowing what they download in showcase is just about the same. So pricing a Pro1 against a Pro2 has been a little difficult to convey. Interviewing with an agent yesterday and they weren't even sure how glossy they wanted their photos to be.

Do our clients even have a list of exceptions yet. I would only think a handful do know the differences of what we can offer. So the price to the bottom continues believing volume will be the ultimate outcome with no regard for operation expenses and health.
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leeverdon private msg quote post Address this user
Yep, this is a serious problem in my territory. There is a new home marketing company very local to me who have been around for a few years that offers free Matterport scans as part of their digital marketing package to clients. Plus, most of the clients are quite happy using the still images from Matterport. How do you compete against that?

I have been working with some of the top US homebuilders in my state. Subsequently, that business is gone due to a competitor I cannot match in price or resources. I had no choice but to approach my competitor and I'm now doing all their Matterport scans for $0.04 a square foot, which is a third of what I usually charge clients. One positive is that I upload the scans to their account, not mine.

The volume is there but it's not worth my time and effort at that price point. Unfortunately, I have to stick with it because I need the additional income.

I know Matterport can be used in other areas other than real estate i.e. retail, hotels groups, restaurant chains etc but it's extremely difficult trying to deal with companies whose headquarters are out of state. The Matterport business is a tough nut to crack.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Is outsourcing to your competitors an option? Make the spread on what you charge your client and what you pay the Matterport Service Provider.

Find a blue ocean: a vertical that your competitors are not pursuing. You likely have friends, trusted colleagues and former Clients/employers in verticals other that residential real estate. Ask for referrals in a space you are not likely to have a competitor.

Here is a Matterport Service Provider that is making money with ThreeSixty Tours - with recurring revenue:

Video: How Matterport Service Providers can make money with ThreeSixty Tours

Blue Ocean Marketing makes the competitor irrelevant. Why get bloody in a red ocean.



P.S. 29 Ways: Make Money offering Matterport Free
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