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Show Me The Real Life Evidence 3D Tours Deliver?7550

click360tours private msg quote post Address this user
Curious... I love Dans insight about getting into the world of 3D photography "Are you just excited by the tech" or are you solving a genuine problem with a value proposition that has specific measurable evidence confirming 3D Tours for GSV / Property Tours / embed on landing pages actually makes a difference in SEO (apart from time on page improvement)/ CTR / CPA or any evidence that a business owner can confirm a genuine Return on Investment?
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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I don’t think any of us would be here if we weren’t excited about the tech.

For residential real estate, I would say the upside shows people will continue to stay on the listing for about 3-4 minutes longer on a page to tour a property. Additional offers can come in from places where people want to shop but cannot physically get there to see. Downside is people may not physically come by to see if turned off. This can be helpful for seller not to make additional arrangements to show.

For Google Street View, again people will spend more time touring a property and make decisions based on what they see before clicking off to look at another listing. I just posted some 360’s of a restaurant on Google street view with images getting 45-60 views between Saturday evening through Monday. Would those people have made a decision base on the stills? Tough to determine.

Objections will come up about people will never step foot in the door if they skipped the wonder shown in the 360. There’s no stat to determine if people did or didn’t visit a business because of the 360’s. Another objection comes with safety about someone wanting to rob a place they were able to scope out with the place in 360. I have found these objections come from prospects who are not completely sold on the product due to budget, timing or not being comfortable with new tech.

Matterport shares stats of how much of a market uses the product. I haven’t been able to verify the truth in these stats. A radio ad said the station was #1 today, but didn’t clarify in what field, market, survey or any other way of how they were #1.

Matterport is in the business of selling cameras with a monthly plan. They state they give multiple leads each month where many of us see no leads for months at a time. Some loyal admins suggest they get 3-4. The leads are usually perspective camera buyers feeling out the competition. Double check what you are being sold and search @dan database here for topics as you dive into how the service may work for you.

Hope that helps.
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