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Hi All,

If you own a Matterport camera, you are likely to stumble on an opportunity to scan 100,000+ SQ FT.

The 100,000 SQ FT space might be a:

✓ mall
✓ commercial office
✓ school, college or university
✓ commercial construction site

If you are like many Matterport Pros, you post to the We Get Around Network Forum asking how to scan a space this large when the largest space you scanned before was a house that took all day.

The answer? Use the right tool.

Just because you own a Matterport Camera doesn't mean the Matterport camera is the right tool for every job. Would you use a screwdriver to bang in nails to replace a roof?

Study the CUPIX provided chart above looking at 100,000 SQ FT.

For Matterport, 100,000 SQ FT would take 40 hours. And, CUPIX is being generous that Matterport Service Providers can scan 2,500 SQ FT in an hour. It takes me an hour for every 1,000 SQ FT.

By the way, though WGAN Forum Members have reported success scanning up to 80,000 SQ FT - as I recall - Matterport officially only supports up to 200 scans (about 10,000 SQ FT), according to the Matterport Support website last updated 29 June 2018: so, if you run into problems, you may be out of luck.


Matterport supports models up to *200 scans.

Models larger than *200 scans are not supported and are prone to:

✓ iPad running out of memory when capturing
✓ long processing times
✓ potential processing errors
✓ possible failure to process
✓ long loading times and hardware slowdown when viewing

Source: Matterport Support Website last updated 29 June 2018


For CUPIX, the same 100,000 SQ FT would take:

✓ 4 hours using any 360º 1-click camera set on interval shooting (photogrammetry)
✓ 2.5 hours using any 360º 1-click camera set on video (videogrammetry).

And, while the CUPIX 3D Tour does not have a dollhouse view, it does have an interactive floor plan option that shows you where you are in the 3D Tour (and can easily "jump" for scan to scan, using the interactive map.

Now imagine it is a construction site that needs weekly construction documentation for various stakeholders (architect, general contractor, sub-contractors, clients, marketing, sales, compliance, government inspection, investors, etc.).

Simply stated, Matterport does not cut it for large spaces: even with the hybrid scanning technique of adding the Leica Geosystems BLK360 Scanner/Camera. For more of us, the under $20,000 investment in a BLK360 is a non-starter. Even if you could afford it, the walk-around experience would be taking giant steps to move from scan-to-scan.

As a Matterport Pro, you will either have the CUPIX 3D Tour solution in your tool box, or you will be competing against it on proposals. When you consider how much you will need to charge for 40 hours versus someone charging for 4 hours, you are at a huge disadvantage.

Why not turn that disadvantage - into an advantage?

You are a leader in your market having invested in Matterport. It's a great solution for scanning indoors of houses.

Buy any 360º 1-click camera and take CUPIX for a spin. Or, Private Message me for free use of 360º photo spheres (panoramas) that you could test drive the CUPIX platform for free.

The time to be thinking about how you would scan 100,000 SQ FT is before you get asked. Plus, once you know the CUPIX scanning workflow - a helmet cam - you can be pro-active seeking large scanning projects. And, while this may seem super-geeky, do you want the business or look cool?

CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson (@scott_cupix) is spot-on in this WGAN Forum discussion about CUPIX versus Matterport in the AEC space ...

... it's all about the 360's and visualization. Using an inexpensive 360 camera and Cupix is literally 20x faster and scores cheaper. Not to mention Cupix at this very moment today provides AEC BIM Compare, Progress Compare, can use GPS data, can Outdoor Capture, and can be used in a dank dim basement, outdoors or in harsh or dim lighting environments, and suffers no distortion parallax in tight spaces, all of which Matterport comes up short.

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Your thoughts?


CUPIX 3D Tour: Side-by-Side comparison of construction site in progress compared to the BIM model

Video: How to take interval photos and time-lapse videos for 3D tours using CUPIX | Video courtesy of CUPIX YouTube Channel