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Failing fast, feedback please7498

BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
Only a few months into the Matterport world. Learning a tons about the application of this technology. I would really appreciate feedback from members of the forum. Don't hesitate to be very honest, please. I

Its a very small scan. So, Im sure it can be reviewed quickly.

I realized something with this project that I hadn't had the opportunity to screw up yet. I have a scan spot hidden behind an object and I cant get to it from most locations. So the access to part of the scanned floorplan is limited. Yikes! Im also missing a few scans I should have taken. I can see that.

So, what do I need to do better? What dont I know, that I need to ramp up on? What would you have done differently or the same?

Thank you for your time and support!

Project: Click here
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
I'd trim it a little better (see the outside and the red wall) and throw some tags around as well, maybe the website of the gym or somthing to make the project more appealing
Apart from that it's not bad. You can always hide scans or delete them, so don't be afraid to over shoot if you have the time
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BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
@Jamie Cool, Thank you!

Yes there will be other additions and uses for the scan, website, google view,etc. I see the trim on the red wall area, got it. Tags etc will be added once I have the scan nailed. Im going to go back on location and add a few scan spots and re-upload before adding the tags, etc.
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BuzzStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Blue,

Nice work. Looks like a cool place to go work out.
1. Start out with a plan of the flow. What I mean is walk all around the property before you do any scans. Pay attention to how you normally walk through the space as you visit it. THAT is how you want the "walkthough" to go in the highlight reel.
2. Lay out your sans in a pattern or grid. This will make sure got the scans needed to ensure coverage and not duplicate scan points.
3. Add some tags that highlight key features of the property.

There's my 3cents.

Take Care,
Buzz Studio
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BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
@BuzzStudio Great! Pattern or grid,got it!

Thank you.
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Lukmoorkens private msg quote post Address this user
-Scan also the private places and put them later unvisible in workshop, so you get a complete dollhouse.
-A full window marker on the entrence and trim the outside away.
- for outside use a 360 and place it on the map (beta)
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Wonderdawg private msg quote post Address this user
Keep in mind tripod placement for a clean pattern or grid as mentioned. For instance, in the dressing room there are tiles. Keep two legs of the tripod along the tile pattern in a straight line. This will help you keep from zig zagging and makes for a cleaner looking floor plan and smoother navigation. On your next project, use the lines on hardwood floors, edges of rugs... anything to keep a straight line of sight. If you need “markers” pennies by the tripod legs are good to use!
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BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
@Lukmoorkens @Wonderdawg Great additional items! Thank you!

@Wonderdawg the zigzap on the tile was due to a mirror with no way to move around it but to slide the scan over. Unless you have a suggestion.

Thanks everyone!
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