Before (above): If you do not moderate your Matterport to Google Street View Tour, this is how this tour (below) looked - as published to Google Street View by Matterport.

After (above): Look at how much better the walk around experience is AFTER MP2SV moderated my Matterport to Google Street View tour below.

Before (above, top) and After: In this screen grab, you can how MP2SV improved the tour images; including a much nicer view outside. Because this is a Virtual Reality arcade, creatively, we also opted for a darker/smokier experience (than you might do for a traditional retail store).

3D Tour: Glam Gamer at iSimu VR in the greater Atlanta Area | Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Photographer Dan Smigrod


Google Street View Tour of iSimuVR | About This Art Project

Hi All,

I am thrilled that I can publish my Matterport 3D Tours to Google Street View - super-easy-peasy - the GSV version still needed some ...

That said, engage MP2SV (Chris Hickman with @Metroplex360) to provide concierge, white glove service to improve We Get Around Matterport to Google Street View tours.

MP2SV did the following after I gave him the Google Street View permissions to import the tour that I published to Google Street View via Matterport.

✓ Dramatically improved the walk around experience (see screen grabs above). No walking through walls.
✓ Simplified connections among scans: optimized for navigation (see screen grabs above)
✓ Added WGAN Nadir Logo Patch (created for me by TRESDEPRO)
✓ Remove the camera reflection in some scans
✓ Downloaded panos (scans) and color corrected, brightness corrected and enhanced the vibrance as well as removed shadows (all to reflect the mood of the space)
✓ Outputted optimized images for faster display on Google Street View @ 8192x4096
✓ Updated the tour to Google Street View
✓ Optimized how the tour is located within Google Street View search

While it is super-easy to publish from Matterport to Google Street View, the secret sauce to a great Google Street View experience is either:

1. engaging MP2SV (Chris Hickman @Metroplex360) to provide this white glove, concierge service
2. moderate your Matterport to Google Street View Tour with a DIY solution, such as Panoskin Pro
3. use a different workflow such as any 360º 1-click camera and CUPIX

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1. WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive 40 percent off the MP2SV service.
2. WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive the free use of Panoskin Pro
3. WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive one free Nadir Logo Patch from TRESDEPRO
4. WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive 1st six months free of CUPIX Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack

Your thoughts?



P.S. Notice the Nadir logo patch in the Google Street View tour. This is a feature that Matterport needs to enable (that is already a feature in CUPIX) ...

Above: Nadir Logo Patch (256 pixels x 256 pixels) created by Matterport Service Provider and Google Street View Trusted Photographer Angelo Okuma with TRESDEPRO (@TresdePro) in Lima, Peru. To receive a free Nadir Logo Patch, please Special Offers above.