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No longer providing Matterport services7446

Nodal Ninja
Bill private msg quote post Address this user
In a recent post I shared the reasons behind our decision (Circular Worlds LLC) to stop providing 3D Matterport services. Not long after my the post I was surprised to find an email from Bill Brown (CEO of Matterport) sitting in my inbox. During our exchange of emails over the following weeks I had asked Dan to delete the post as a gesture of good faith toward Matterport as Bill felt I may have misunderstood some facts and expressed change was forthcoming. Since there were a few replies to my original post Dan asked if I would at least do a followup on the WGA forum as to the outcome of our communications. So this is that followup.

Our conversations have been lengthy and detailed. Many of the points we discussed were more reflective of our local market. We shared our views on terms, privacy issues, white labeling, backup systems, the introduction of low-cost cameras enticing existing clients to go it alone, touting the service as easy as 1-2-3 etc.

To paraphrase Bill Brown in one of his last emails:
"We don't have your perspective on the market, however, so we spend time talking with MSPs to understand what they are seeing and experiencing themselves.... We are working (and investing a lot of money) to create a win-win for our customers, for the end-market, and for Matterport. The decisions we're making are meant to balance customer needs, market needs, and the long-term success of the business. That drives things like the decision to make Matterport a branded, hosted, immersive 3D content platform that will enable a multitude of applications with an ecosystem for capture and an ecosystem for applications."

After our conversation, I feel Matterport is evolving and listening and striving to make a positive change for all. Taking a pro-active approach in reaching out directly to MSP's, and even the CEO not being afraid to roll him his sleeves, shows a company eager to learn more from the perspectives of others. He invited us to collaborate in one of their upcoming projects but we respectfully declined.

Kudos to Bill Brown for reaching out and listening to our concerns.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Picking off one negative round of comments at a time with GeorgeK and now Bill by stalking WGA.

Hey Bill Brown,

Do you really want to roll up your sleeves as a CEO and score multiple wins on your campaign trail for approval?

Rather than stalking We-Get-Around with and never commenting publicly.

Approach We-Get-Around as a platform of Professional Photographers who offer Matterport Services where other platforms may be a mix of perspective Camera Buyers, Users, Real Estate Agents and Photographers.

Photographers are feeling left out here. The product was sold as an all in one encompassing product with multiple features to sell clients. We quickly learned the product could not support the all-encompassing idea for primary sales. DSLR, Video, Drone and other services need to be offered as well with Matterport being another service offered.

With your background coming from Sales and Marketing. I was finally happy to see Industries listed on the site. Can you and/or Chris Bell do something to help photographers here on We-Get-Around to share some ideas to market to Industries?

Here's a couple gestures to try.

1) Offer a peace offering to @Dan Smigrod and reinstate his email for updates on the Matterport products and services.


How about you pick up the phone and call @Dan Smigrod. or slide him a note like you did with the upset service providers you reached out to.

2) Look into a way to integrate this Forum into Matterports. Accept that the Matterport Forum blows while We-Get-Around is a great source for answers commonly asked on MOUG.

MOUG doesn't count, that page is an interwoven tale of questions from newbies, well wishers and agents with comments that could be simply answered by referencing Forum Topics with greater detail. If I want to reference something from a day or 2 ago, I have to sift through garbage posts I mentioned above to find that post again or simply give up. Open up the communication channels for Matterport Photographers and reference We-Get-Around.

3) Perhaps you or Chris Bell can make an appearance to chat with Dan or at least have Dan mediate a WGAN-TV where you can speak with some Matterport Photographers. Pre-record it for all I care and have your secretary screen it for you so you don't appear beat up with any questions you can't handle.

Need some more ideas while you stalk this page. I'm sure there is plenty of Material here on We-Get-Around for you. Open Letter to Matterport CEO Bill Brown

Dan has helped many of us stay afloat and share ideas with each other while your executive team had a focus to sell cameras. Now that you have sold so many cameras, we are not so eager to share ideas with our competition on other platforms.

My biggest issue with this product is Matterport selling to real estate agents as an "easy to use" product. It works great for middle man companies to sell leads and real estate brokers who want to keep their agents busy. Easy to use has discredited the value of our service and pricing structures. Matterport pricing is a whole other product discussion for another time.

Please make that first step and keep Dan in the loop with some thoughts and ideas with your marketing expertise so we can freshen our approach to Matterport sales. Aim to help out multiple Matterport Photographers on the We-Get-Around Forum versus sliding notes to a couple guys with posts that got traction.

Do me a favor and click the like button if you or your secretary read this. I don't need a note slipped in my pocket, a phone call when I'm busy doing something else with no notes in hand or a peace offering of a beer offering next time you're in town
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