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Drew private msg quote post Address this user
Good Morning,
I just completed my first model of a yacht. Chuleria was famously featured in the Justin Timberlake Ben Affleck movie "Runner Runner". Please give me some feed back on how I can improve.

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Drew

I think you did a great job of your tour of the yacht. Did the mirrors give you much of a problem?
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fabien private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Drew,

Did you try to scan outside the boat on the back and on the top ?

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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
How did you find moving the rig around the more confined spaces of this particular yacht, I noticed some blurring on the images, can you tell me why this has happened?
I'm involved in yachting and interested in developing 3D imaging for the mega yacht market.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
I was also wondering if you managed to get any shots of the aft deck and the fly bridge?
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JakeRees private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Drew,
I had a question as to why you scanned at night. Specifically, if you have had any problems with the light in the windows messing with the showcase view.
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DoyleRealtor private msg quote post Address this user
That is pretty cool, I like to think of the potential for cruise ships to show off their common spaces online similar to hotels/conference centers
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
Does anybody know how Matterport are going to back up and support the professional Matterport community? what's concerning me is how can they justify the investment for the hardware when companies are coming out with attachable sensors like the Structure Sensor that gives mobile devices the ability to capture and understand the world in three dimensions.

Quote Tech Crunch.

"The Structure it's self is an awfully handsome piece of kit.
Small and clad in colored anodized aluminium, it doesn't look anything like the clunky 3D sensors you might of already been exposed to.

My question! why invest in the Matterport camera when there's going to be attachable sensors to average joe devices like the Ipad in the not to distant future.

The Structure Sensor has a mobile-optimized range that begins at 40 centimeters and stretches to over 3.5 meters. This means it can easily capture anything from a teddy bear to an entire room.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
The Structure Sensor has hackability in its DNA. Four screw holes on the bottom let you mount to almost anything - and they will provide open CAD models for creating custom brackets. With the USB Hacker Cable, you can connect to almost any platform that supports USB.
We'll also provide open source drivers for multiple platforms including Windows, Android, OS X, and Linux.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I think it's to early to determine how the Structure would compare to the Pro. The one thing which is sure is that technology always gets better with each generation of change. This said there will be many other devices to come along that will deliver 3D capture capabilities.

Matterport main business model is the delivery of high quality 3D virtual models. It's not clear at this point if Showcase will be reserved just for Pro users or it will be made available to the anyone with a 3D capture device. If Showcase is made available to the general public we the Pro users will have very little advantages against someone with a $400 iPad and a Structure sensor or worse yet a new tablet with several 3D sensors.

Those of use who use the Pro know the biggest challenge in capturing a location is alignment and this may be a Pro uses only saving grace. As you need very tight alignment but thats not to say that a cheap 360 pano head won't be available for smartphones or tablets. In fact I feel a Kickstarter campaign coming on.

I hope the above answers some of your questions as this is very much a moving target and we're all in the early days of the shooting match.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
It would be nice if Matterport had the decency to clarify their position regarding future support for professionals investing into their hardware and services.
I'm not comfortable investing thousands into their hardware until they can be more convincing its future safe for professionals todo so. I haven't seen that yet, they probably know something they don't want to share with us?
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Drew private msg quote post Address this user
Good Morning,
Thank you Gary and Doyle for the pat on the back! This is a sportfish named “Sea Check” I scanned the same day as Chuleria. I feel as though I am in pretty good shape but these two yachts whipped my ass. There was a ton of cramped spaces and mirrors to deal with. I had quite a few alignment problems but as the day progressed I learned how to remedy the issues.

To give you an idea of timing I started this scan around 3pm EST with the bow facing east and finished with Chuleria with the same bow position around 8pm . If I did not have the cover over the cockpit I would have had major problems with alignment. If you notice the windows shades on the Starboard side were down because I was concerned about to much light. I was going to make it uniform but the customer preferred to leave the shades up on the port side. Most of these yachts have very dark tint so I think it would be fine to scan with the shades up depending on sun's position.

I treated Sea Check as it was one main floor even though you go down around 5 steps to the sleeping quarters. Chuleria really has 3 levels but I considered one as a sunken room in a house. I started with the master stateroom as it and the other living quarters were the “basement” and then considered the salon as it was the first floor. I believe it worked out fine but I am “all ears” for suggestions.

The highest points in the cabin were only about 6'4". I believe lowering the camera from around head high (5'10) to about 5' worked better in certain cramped areas of the yacht better. I was happy with the camera positions on the center of the beds. Because many of the rooms are very small, it was import to scan from the corners.

I do have some concern with the interior lighting causing orbs and yellowing. Not sure how to remedy that situation.
I hope this answered most of your questions. I will be putting a lot of focus into the yachting world here in the near future. I am looking forward to my first boat show booth in January.

Looking Forward,

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Drew

Well done, I can see why this took so long to capture. All the incredibly tight spots you had to shoot which you had to continually keep leveling the camera as well as dealing with mirrors.

I hope your clients see the value in what your delivering them and give you loads more work.

All the best
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Drew private msg quote post Address this user

Night scan of a cool yacht from December. Heading to the Miami Boat Show this week to grab some new clients. Jet scans are coming soon...
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