Hi All,

If you enjoy long walks on the beach (park, neighborhood), you might begin experimenting with publish to Google Street View.

I noticed in the NodalNinja Online Store, a Google Street View 360 Camera Accessory Kit that includes:

✓ Helmet (choice of sizes and colors)
✓ While you might hold
✓ 1/4" thread adhesive mount for a 360º Camera (GoPro Mount too)
✓ other related accessories

If you need a 1-click 360º Camera (set to interval shooting), Ricoh Theta V, Mi Sphere (aka Madventure), Insta360 One and GoPro Fusion are great choices. (These 360º Cameras Reviewed)

If you get this super-geeky helmet, please do take a selfie and share it here (and tell us about your workflow).



P.S. Please do not confuse the above workflow with the Matterport Helmet Cam as imaged by @CarlosFHdz ...

Matterport Helmet Cam as imaged by @CarlosFHdz. "I imagine alignment would suffer due to head tilting, as well as neck and back strain. But it's part of the job," writes Carlos