Hi All,

What I about this "Apps" screen (above) in Matterport Workshop:

✓ There could be dozens - if not hundreds or thousands - of integrations. Integrations add huge value to the Matterport Ecosystem

✓ The Matterport Service Provider has control over the Publishing to be: Default | Enable | Disable (much written in the WGAN Forum when this was initially rolled-out with auto-publish (and no option to disable; except contacting Matterport Support (really!)

Does anyone have concerns that Publish to Real Estate Partners is all or none? Rather than selecting which ones? Non-issue?

Would/could anyone charge agents differently, based on the number of Publish to Real Estate Agent Partners selected? Seems like Matterport could help Matterport Service Providers make more money by allowing us to select.



Matterport Screen Grab: Publish to Real Estate Partners

Matterport Screen Grab: Publish to Google Street View