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Registering people viewing my scans??723

APN private msg quote post Address this user
I am a real estate agent that would like to have people register when viewing my scans. Example: User would start looking at the model and after 15 seconds have a "landing page" pop up needing information before they can continue.
Any ideas on how to do this within matterport or other options?
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davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
Stop thinking like a realtor and start thinking about your unique value proposition.
I provide superior services to my Sellers by attracting and engaging clients with a Matterport Tour.

They will pick up the phone and say "I want that."

Then bill them for the services you provide. (better commissions)

Need part time income? Sell Matterport tours to BUILDERS you like in your area that will give you the back up listings.

I have been losing 50 - 75 email addresses per month because my clients are opening their emails on a SMART phone and do not want to download whatever I send

So they are sending me "Take me off your email list."

What would you prefer?
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APN private msg quote post Address this user
Good point, thanks!
I have relocated my real estate business to another part of the state so I was trying to capture names and emails for my database.
My other "angle" on capturing names is if I do scans for other agents higher bracket homes I would like to use the "registering" on the scans to contact potential buyers.
Just trying to generate business in a new area.

To date, I have talked to 5 builders and few mentioned they did not want to have the "floor plan" available due to the fact of potential clients using the floor plan they see on matterport. Not sure how valid that is or if they are paranoid but other builders are not concerned.

Thanks for the response!
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txgreg66 private msg quote post Address this user

Warning - a bit off topic for the matterport professional.

Who wants to be caught? You've moved to a new area. How did you pick your brokerage? Did you sign up on a mailing list and get 'dripped' on or have untimely phone calls or text messages? Or did you do a web search and find a web site and that brokerage provided value to you? When you moved you were ready so you reached out to brokers, interviewed them and you chose the best one, right?

Lets look at buyers. With the rise of the internet do you have to 'catch' a buyer to allow them to look at houses? No. Buyers can now select 1,10,or 100 homes on the internet without bothering us. When they are READY to buy (desire/urgency) if they are educated in understanding the service a Realtor provides they will follow your call to action and contact you.

If you 'catch' them and 'drip' on them to buy on your schedule you will get the unsubscribe request (and furthermore provide a bad experience).

By your investment in Matterport you set yourself apart. Write blog posts about matterport, about the new area you have moved to. Give them value and they will find you when they are ready to buy.

Make them aware of what you do.
Wait for their desire for change
Show them you have skills and resources to assist them during that change period.
Give them support before, during and after the transaction.

My CEO who founded eXp Realty did this from 2004-2010, worked exclusively with buyers, didn't travel more than 20 minutes away from his office and was producing $50mm-$70mm a year.

Go do the same.

Now lets see if this makes sense: I attract agents and brokers nationwide & in Canada to eXp Realty. Please send me your email and I will add you to my email list...

Greg Shepherd
eXp Realty
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
One nice example.
We did a job for a listing agent a few months ago. The buyer and their agent attended the property and said out loud "we have already seen this" to their agent. The agent thought they had someone else show them the property, but they told him it was from out scan. He had no idea about the technology and was very embarrassed his buyer knew more than he did.

Long story short, we now do scans for that buying agent and his entire agency.
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WP3D Models
ThreeSixty Tours
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys..

Chiming in here and yes, great examples and I'm a firm believer in the "show me don't tell me" approach. As early adopters I believe the process is to just do good work, stay the course, and establish yourself as the leaders in this new technology.

With that said, I can be convinced that a light nudge to get someone to sign up for your newsletter has the potential to be valuable. By "light nudge" I just mean a simple box that appears when you've scrolled a little way down a page...or after a certain amount of time has passed. And...this is a non-blocking box that is easily close-able. It is a friendly customizable ask to sign up, share, etc...down in the corner of the page.

There are a number of solutions like this that are available for websites build in WordPress, including one of my favorites "Scroll Triggered Boxes". I use this lightweight plugin on my WP3D Models site, as well as several client sites...and if a user closes the window, you can set it to NEVER return...or return after X days/etc.

Maybe something that will help one of you guys...
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