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My first Matterport Listing Video721

CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
As a real estate agent in a resort community I believe that Matterport will allow me to provide superior service to my clients that would like to sell their home on Hilton Head Island. I got my first opportunity to market a condo using Matterport 3D scans last week when an agent in Ohio called me and asked me to help her friend whose condo has been on the market for 4 years! I did a little staging with the help of the sellers mother and my husband scanned the condo. I think that the Matterport video really helps a prospective purchaser to get a good feel for the condo. The only problem is that you can't tell on the Matterport scan that it is only 470 steps to the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island.
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RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user
Very nice job. You're right that virtual tours aren't the best to showcase the good views out the window. I promote Matterport Tours as the ideal way to explore the interior and Aerial Video as the ideal way to explore the exterior. Then I combine both of them into a presentation that wows the seller and buyers.
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JML private msg quote post Address this user
We are just about to receive our first Matterport camera, so I dont have experience on it yet, but the experience what I have from combining different ways of shooting to a powerful presentation has proven that its normally a combination of aerial, photo and video that works the best. We have worked in UAV business since 2011 and are very experienced with that.

I have to say that aerial UAV market has changed dramatically in last 6 - 12 months and therefore adding something like Matterport to a service portfolio is a more than welcome idea.

Its not long (early this year) when companies here just started to use DJI Ronin-M type hand held systems to shoot videos inside houses. Personally I have never been a big fan of this type "walk-through" way of presenting the premises and because of this, Im looking forward to replace that kind of shooting with Matterport and hopefully that way save time and costs when producing these videos for clients.

Aerial videos arent that used here as the premises are much smaller than in USA and agents tend to save money where ever they can. And I agree with them, shooting aerials just for the sake of it, isnt really very ideal, you need to have a idea how it takes the presentation to another level.

What do you think - does Matterport offer a way to replace even the traditional photo shooting or are you shooting still stills with HDR or multi flash methods because the quality is not enough with Matterport?
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CathieRasch private msg quote post Address this user
We also have access to aerial photography and were an early adopter of that technology in my market. I consider the Matterport technology to be more impactful and more difficult to duplicate ie the equipment is more expensive, the process is more time consuming, and, therefore, more costly, and the process requires more technological expertise (my husband has spent hours on his computer trying to figure out how to convert the scans to video so that we can add our aerial shots and our community video.
I have noticed a few areas that I think would benefit from still photography but most of them are the small areas or exterior areas of the house like half baths. For the most part we can use the Matterport scans for my stills and my video.
We've only had our Matterport for a few weeks on Hilton Head Island so we cannot provide conclusive results but I am very satisfied so far.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Cathie Rasch
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JML private msg quote post Address this user
I read other blog writing about this photo issue after writing here and it seems that most do think that the Matterport is not enough for high quality photos. I find this quite surprising as although Ive shot many houses myself with Canon 1Dx for example using HDR 5-7 bracketing, at least 75% of the other pictures seen in online services are so poor quality that I wonder what these agents think when they post such pictures to present their clients homes. What I found most annoying is unrealistic HDR photos that basically fool the buyers as the pictures do not represent reality. Another issue is then poor quality of photos in general.

So what Im trying to say here is that, if still so many homes are sold with such a bad and unprofessional pictures, I do think that pictures from Matterport should be enough for average premises, however, hopefully we have in the future more work also in the photo sector, when home owners simply dont accept anymore the photo quality some houses are presented today.

But as you said Cathie, we need to find better and easier ways to combine different shooting techniques as a powerful presentation in order to offer better services / tools to sell houses. We can see that the equipment isnt anymore the problem here, but lack of applications. Same has happened in UAV business. Drones are more or less all the same, its the applications that makes the difference.
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