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At IRVPA in Tokyo (May 28-31, 2018), Life in 360's Ben Claremont will talk about:

How To Crush It On Social Media With Your 360 Content

According to the IVRPA description of Ben's talk:

Social media has changed the game entirely for getting discovered as a creative. No longer does your short film need to be accepted into a film festival, nor your photo need to be published professionally for you to be ‘discovered’ by the world. In 2018 you can make a name AND career for yourself by utilising social media (something that’s free to all of us) to build a portfolio, a reputation and an influence, inside and outside the 360 community.

This talk by Ben Claremont at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will cover:

• How he turned his hobby for 360 into a career
• WHY mastering social media is vital to the growth of a business or personal brand
• Tips for creating viral and highly engaging Facebook content
• How to build an Instagram account to 10k+ followers
• How to grow a YouTube channel that helps your business
• Which 360 content is best suited to which platforms

This talk will aim to turn you from a great photographer into a great photographer who understands social media marketing, and how to achieve speedy growth of both your personal AND business profiles.

Source: IVRPA

If you are attending this talk, please share some video here.