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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I believe there are just the two of us.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
I'm very interested in how this Is all going to work with the Noculus Rift, and the Song project Morpheus head sets, any thoughts about this? Show casing it a boat shows etc will be interesting for a full imersable experience.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, the future of many area like property, yachts, private aircraft, holiday locations, vacation rentals, hotels, museums. You name it any visual experience that may involve travel will be first experienced in VR before someone makes a decision to buy, rent or visit.

We're all about making the best use of our time and money and ?VR will help us in making the right decisions.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
Yes I agree! I think it's an exiting future in marketing tools.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, I gave you my number if you would like to discuss anything over the phone.
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JohnBecker private msg quote post Address this user
A thought about doing scans that aren't real estate....

If you're going to scan vacation rentals, for instance, the rental company will want to have those models available for a long period of time. That means the models will be in your account for that long period of time, taking up a lot of space.

Real estate listing models have a finite life, so they will come and go (as soon as Matterport gives us a way to delete them). But the subscription system isn't ideal if we need to keep models for the long term.

I will be doing scans for a rental management company that has a lot of cabins in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, USA. The way we're going to work it is, they will create and maintain their own account, and add me as a contributor. That way, they're paying for the subscription, processing fees, and storage of the models. But they don't have to invest in a camera or someone to do the scans. All I do is scan the properties and upload the models to their account, so I have no up-front costs (processing fees) or continuing costs(storage space) for doing this work.

These are all things you'll want to consider before you start filling up your account with models that aren't going to go away.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
Hello John,

Thanks for sharing that with me, makes sense,

this solution would also apply to yacht charter companies.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
What kind of rates do you charge the client When scanning and uploading to there own account?
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
Why not just keep the scans on your account, upgrade and create a revenue stream. Or just create a second account for the long term models only. If they paid 2 a month(just an example) and you had 100 models there, that will pay for the account and still send $150 your way monthly. Even more depending on what you charge per model. Don't give your product away.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
It's another approach, my only concern is having so much invested in one company, if for what ever reason Matterport hit the rocks all my customer models hit the rocks to.
My question is what agreement are you drafting with your customers? the model is the product, who's going to be liable you or Matterport?
imagine a customer who's just purchased one or a number of models then next week it's all closed down, the customer needs a gurantee from you the seller that they're going to have a minimum amount of useful time to use each model. Being the seller it's you who's entered into the agreement.
How are you protected by Matterport? how are you protecting your customer?
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
That's a very good point. I for one hove looked into finding someone how can hack into the Matterport data that sits on our iPads. I was told in the early days of Matterport that any component games programmer should be able to write a program that can produce a Showcase which would then bypass Matterport.

Don't forget that the data we capture only goes to MP once we've uploaded it. So far I've not found someone who can do this but I must say I've not looked very hard nor do i have the finances my self to cover the development at this time.

To add salt to the wounds MP has just added a hyperlink to everyone's showcases which links directly to MP and also has a link to buy the camera.

I feel that enough Pro users in this forum may be willing to support the development of a stand alone player, it's just a matter of getting them to all agree. This is something we would need to outside of the forum.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
I think it's all to easy , it's free advertising piggy backing on your models, in the end it's a product your selling to YOUR customers, Matterport should be paying for the privilege , it looks like the Camera is the product they're selling to push thier App . the camera is something theyre going to exploit for the services.
looks like they've got plans for the mobile market and the masses. I think it's key to be independent and have control over your own models, your not an advertising platform for Matterport to get a free ride on, your selling a product to your customers! There has to be a clear defining line, an agreement with Matterport as to how they intend to support the profesional community with extra benefits/Services to give the profesional the edge over a converging mass market, especially if you've already invested a substantiol amount of money into thier hardware! I'm surprised they're pushing the Camera with out offering reassurances to profesional prospectors.
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Pjhenville private msg quote post Address this user
My question still stands. If Matterport goes down, how do you the seller deal with a bunch of disgruntled customers pesuing you for models rendered useless? Is there anything drafted by Matterport for the buyer concerning legal liability if their services go down, or the company goes bankrupt?
Selling products that rely on another companies services
to remain usable, is a matter of discusion concerning consumer law/liability when it comes to failure to deliver or Bankruptcy. This is obviously a huge concern for profesionals relying on matterports services to remain in business.
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Chris_invelopnow1 private msg quote post Address this user

I agree with this. As we build our company this becomes a reoccurring question. I am anxious to see how it pans out.

Chris Malacarne
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Max private msg quote post Address this user
Im also struggeling with what to do if MP suddenly shuts down! How to write it in the agreement with customers??
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with the concerns described. I worked with a lawyer to draft 2 contracts, one for terms of services and one for terms of the product being offered.
Unfortunately, relying on one company (Matterport) for the business is bad, but it's good right now since its new. In the terms of service we reiterate some of the same verbiage MP does on theirs, and some new terms acknowledging the fact that we would offer a partial refund if that (MP goes under, or cancels their cloud service) were to happen. We want to do things right for everyone. I'm sure this will be good for another 2 years before its mass market; however, having a 6 months notice from MP minimum before they shut down will ensure most of us have time to adjust, re frame, let our customers know, etc.

Carlos Hernandez
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3rd Party
alx3D private msg quote post Address this user
Absolutely. Anyone buying a camera is taking on significant risk that never goes away. I try to hedge my bets by also hosting models on sketch fab. (not full functionality of 3D-Showcase) but serves a function. I have had some people tell me they like these better but I am a 3D-Showcase fan myself.
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RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user
This is us if MP Fails. Start at 14:05
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
@Renderingspace Thats so true! ahahaha.
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