Matterport Pro: How to Make $$$$$ Without Scanning

Hi All,

Yes. You read that right.

As a Matterport Pro, you can make (a lot) more $$$$$$ not scanning.

If you have trusted relationships where the Client has a need outside of your market, engage a Matterport Pro in that market and make the spread between what you charge your Client and what you pay the Pro. Use the We Get Around Network Find a Pro Map to source your Pros.

Lately, I have noticed more and more Pros doing this. They use the WGAN Find a Pro Map to source Pros, but when they can't find one on the WGAN Map, they reach out to me and I post Matterport Pro Wanted notices (like I did tonight for Rogers, Arkansas and earlier this week for Durango, Colorado (for a different Pro) and Princeton, NJ (for yet another Pro).

Plus, if you have trusted relationships, sub-out the work to low-price Matterport Pros in your market.

If you ever have an opportunity to scan for another Pro, I encourage you to do so - even if it is a low-ball project. Learn from that experience. What paperwork are they asking for? How do I get paid? When do I get paid? Which Matterport account do I publish to? All great learning when it is your turn to outsource.

Got a tip to share on being on either side of the transaction, please share what you learned from the experience.



P.S. Nearly all the opportunities never get posted because WGAN has public facing profiles in most of the top 200 markets in the United States.