Hi All,

If you plan to buy an iPad, you are likely comparing various options.

This CNET article may be helpful to you:

CNET (16 May 2018) iPad 2018 vs. iPad Pro: Which should you buy?

My thoughts:

1. Get the largest capacity that you can afford - After 4 years, Matterport still does not offer a cloud backup and restore solution. (Deleting models to make room is NOT a good idea.)

2. Weight and Size Matters - keep in mind that the biggest screen size may be too large for you to carry all day (weight, size)

3. Other uses – while I recommend dedicating an iPad to Matterport scanning, I could imagine that you might want to use it for other things. Those other things might affect your decision too.

4. Cell service – keep your options open by getting an iPad that includes cell service. (We pay $10 monthly to have cell service on our iPad.) This means we can upload from the field. You might prefer to tether. Even if you get an iPad that is cell service enabled, it doesn't mean that you have to add cell service.

Your thoughts (or questions) about buying an iPad?

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